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Hour 1

  • The Ballot Screen

    A History of Super Tuesdays

    More than two dozen states will hold primaries and caucuses on Feb. 5. This weekend the campaigning is intense, as the surviving candidates try to hit more states than ever before. Barbara Norrander, a political science teacher at the University of Arizona, tells Weekend America host Desiree Cooper about how Super Tuesday came to be, and why it may be a relic by the next election cycle.

  • Election 2008

    Electro Pop Election

    Hearts of Palm UK

    What does Super Tuesday sound like when it goes electro pop? Like this!

  • Music Bridge:
    Sailors Dream
    Artist: Scotte Witte
    CD: Wayfaring Strangers: Guitar Soli (Numero)
  • Bill's Values

    Deciding to Have a Second

    Bill Radke, wife Sara Bowen and Susanna

    Fertility rates in the U.S. are at an all-time high. It might be good for the future of social security; not so much for the environment. Weekend America host Bill Radke weighs the arguments as he and his wife contemplate having another child.

  • Music Bridge:
    Baibaba Bimba
    Artist: Tenniscoats
    CD: Tan-Tan Therapy (Hapna)
  • The Kids are All Right

    Listeners took issue with our panelists' take on the intentions of children. We take the opportunity to learn about the history of children's rights.

  • Music Bridge:
    Fest Der Grillen
    Artist: Chica and the Folder
    CD: Under The Balcony (Monika))
  • The People of the Ice

    The Hike to Work

    Anne Aghion is probably less cold than you. She's spent four months filming the Ice People of Antarctica. They're a strange tribe: scientists who spend months working in the freezing Arctic.

  • Music Bridge:
    A Change In Fortunes
    Artist: Human Bell
    CD: Human Bell (Thrill Jockey)
  • Black History: Barack Obama to Timbuktu

    University at Sankore

    Of course we'll hear about Dr. King and Malcom X, Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass during Black History Month, but of course, there's more. Dr. Lisbeth Gant-Britton, a UCLA professor, says specialty months are important to remind people that there are great people of all kinds and that diversity is the foundation upon which this country was built.

  • Music Bridge:
    Back Pocket
    Artist: Oregon
    CD: 1000 Kilometers (Cam Jazz)
  • Election 2008

    The Mountain Goats do Super Tuesday

    The Mountain Goats

    What Super Tuesday Needs is a song!

Hour 2

  • Who Do You REALLY Want?

    A Candidate Blind Taste Test

    Weekend America gets a lot of letters about coverage of the campaign, and one complaint keeps coming up about media coverage in general: too much focus on the personalities, not enough on the issues. So we decided to run a little experiment. We've taken the remaining candidates for president, given them pseudonyms, and summarized what they stand for. Can you guess who stands for what?

  • Election 2008

    A Sleep Deprived Election Season

    Sleeping Rally

    This year's presidential candidates are criss-crossing the country daily, often on only a few hours of sleep a night. What exactly happens to the brain after months of sleep deprivation? To answer that, Weekend America host Desiree Cooper speaks with Matt Walker, director of the Sleep and Neuro-imaging Lab at the University of Calif. at Berkeley.

  • Music Bridge:
    Fire Made of Bones
    Artist: Tape
    CD: Opera (Hapna)
  • Good News, Bad News, No News

    More on the Election

    This week it's Super Tuesday, the Super Bowl and other things super. We hear from political commentator and writer David Frum, comedy writer Dana Gould, and conceptual and performance artist damali ayo.

  • Music Bridge:
    Atomic Tape
    Artist: Chris Joss
    CD: Teraphonic Overdubs (ESL)
  • The MLK and LBJ Tapes

    LBJ & MLK

    The working relationship between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and President Lyndon Johnson has come up in the campaigns of Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination. Weekend America host Desiree Cooper speaks with Nick Kotz, historian and author of "Judgment Days: Lyndon Baines Johnson, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Laws That Changed America."

  • Music Bridge:
    Soul Pusha
    Artist: Sun
    CD: I'll Be The Same (Staubgold)
  • They Made It Through That Water

    Band of Brothers

    While Hurricane Katrina forced out many established brass bands, surviving bands now have more work than ever. Weekend America correspondent Joel Rose follows one band around as they make their rounds.

  • The Head of a Patriot

    Fanvas and Artist

    There's wearing a team's colors, and there's tattooing them all over your head. Reporter Shannon Mullen visits one Patriots fan in New Hampshire that's let his team's success go to his head.

  • Music Bridge:
    Dead Weird Keks
    Artist: Global Goon
    CD: Family Glue (Audio Dregs)
  • The Dot-Com Super Bowl

    Super-Sized Super Bowl Commercial

    In the 2000 Super Bowl, St. Louis defeated Tennessee by six points and 17 fledgling Internet companies forked over an average $2.2 million for 30 second ads. Companies like Epidemic.com, LifeMinders.com and Pets.com, most of them now defunct. Mike Ford and Mike Zapolin were one duo behind the crazy spree. Remember Computer.com?

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