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Column One
About This Series

For decades, readers of the Los Angeles Times have been treated to fascinating, often unconventional stories in the paper’s trademark “Column One” feature. Through a collaboration between Weekend America and the Times, listeners to Weekend America will get to hear these stories told in our own Weekend America style.

Editors from the Times and Weekend America will identify upcoming stories that call out to be heard on the radio and listeners across the country can hear stories that used to be available only to readers of the Los Angeles Times.

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Leaving a Dream Job
For 37 years, Bob Hilburn has had a dream job. He's been a rock music critic for the Los Angeles Times. But even people with dream jobs have unfulfilled dreams. Hilburn's was to write a book. So he's retiring from the paper and in a story today in column one, he reflects back on the most interesting moments of his career. He sat down with Bill to talk about some of the highlights of covering rock music as it has evolved over the last four decades. (7/22/2006)
Online resources:
» "A Backstage Pass to Intimate Moments in Rock's Odyssey," by Robert Hilburn from the The Los Angeles Times

What a Difference 10,000 Years Makes
The pyramids have been around for about five thousand years and are still full of mysteries. Imagine what people 10,000 years from now will be thinking when they stumble across still radioactive nuclear waste, buried deep below the earth? How do we communicate with the people of the future that it's something they need to avoid? Independent Producer Eric Mack explores the challenge. (6/05/2006)
Online resources:
» The Los Angeles Times story, "An Alert Unlike Any Other"

Listen IconSetting Boundaries in Cyberspace
Recent reports linking sexual predators to a popular teenage Internet gathering spot have only raised many parents' fears about their children's safety on the Web. How do parents set boundaries for their kids with something as exciting and freewheeling as cyberspace? "Weekend America" talks with a mother and her teenage daughter about how they negotiated rules for using the Internet. (4/08/2006)
Online resources:
» Reporter and mom Catherine Saillant's MySpace page
» Read the Los Angeles Times Story: "Testing the Limits of MySpace," by Catherine Saillant

Listen IconColumn One: Middle Class Dilemma
How difficult is it to level the playing field for African-American men in our society? Los Angeles Times reporter Sandy Banks explored the issue with African-American teenage boys. She discovered while they were making economic strides, they still faced age-old challenges. Banks talks to host Barbara Bogaev about what she learned. (01/04/06)
Online resources:
» Los Angeles Time: "Growing Up on a Tightrope"
» More Column One Stories

Listen IconNew Strides in Artificial Limbs
Weekend America looks at the developments made in prosthetic limbs, partially as a result of the war in Iraq. Host Bill Radke talks to Shari Roan, who has done a survey of state-of-the-art prosthetics for the Los Angeles Times. She introduces us to National Guardsman Mike McNaughton, who has the most technologically advanced prosthetic knee available.
Online resources:
» The Los Angeles Times: Science Quickens Its Steps: High-tech prostheses help a new generation of war veteran amputees regain mobility like never before. Some even return to active duty. (Requires registration)

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