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Weekend America's Music Coverage


  • Electro Pop Election

    Hearts of Palm UK

    What does Super Tuesday sound like when it goes electro pop? Like this!

  • The Haunted House

    Mountain Woman

    Sue Ely listens to "Haunted House" by Natalia Zukerman on the weekends. Host Bill Radke gets inside it.

  • Laughing in the Museum is Allowed

    Comedian Stephen Colbert got his portrait hung in the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery, at the entrance to the restrooms. Humor's not unknown in museums, but we don't always expect to find it there. Weekend America host Bill Radke speaks with conceptual artist and critic Jonathon Keats.

  • Songs in the Dead of Winter

    Bon Iver

    Last year, Bon Iver, aka Justin Vernon, holed up in his father's hunting cabin, far away from everything and everyone. His band had just fallen apart, he was sick in bed for three months and he broke up with his girlfriend. He tells us about the time he spent alone in with the Wisconsin winter and the music he made.

  • Midnight in a Perfect World

    Running Partners

    Weekend America listener Jesse Lugus loves relaxing to DJ Shadow's "Midnight in A Perfect World."

  • An Architect's Morning Music

    Libeskind and D'Arcangelo

    Before architect Daniel Libeskind sets to work designing buildings, like the Jewish Museum in Berlin and the Freedom Tower at Ground Zero, he listens to music. It's a morning ritual. Producer Gideon D'Arcangelo lets us listens in with Libeskind.

  • Song and Memory: "Coming in on a Wing and Prayer"

    Once Upon a Doorstep

    "Coming in on a Wing and Prayer," by Harold Adamson, reminds Lucinda Alsobrook Coulter-Burbach of growing up on Dyersberg Army Air Base in Halls, Tenn.

  • Musica Sacra's Sounds of Winter

    Lifting Voices

    Can the human voice can evoke a freezing storm or the warmth of home? The choral ensemble, Musica Sacra of Cambridge, Mass., perform modern compositions that represent winter.

  • Diver Down, Revisted

    This weekend, Las Vegas is alive with the sound of Van Halen, They have two shows at the MGM. But not everyone is happy about this reunion tour. Back in September, when the tour started, "Weekend America" reporter and Van Halen fan John Moe showed how things have changed since the 70s.

  • Jim Dougherty's New Year's Eve

    Jim Dougherty at WSUI Studios

    Last New Year's Eve, Jim Dougherty ended his midnight jazz show "Big Bands Then and Now" after 37 years on the air. Over the years, he had interviewed the greats on WSUI in Iowa City: Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, and many others. We thought we'd heard the last of him, but Kyle Gassiott has kept in touch with him this whole year.

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