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Weekend America's coverage of the environment.


  • Take My Hummer -- Please

    Deal on 33-inch wheels

    With gas at more than $4 a gallon nationwide, a lot of American families are feeling the pinch. Sales of the GM Hummer line are down 30 percent -- but that still means there's plenty of folks out there buying and enjoying their symbols of conspicuous consumption. Weekend America's John Moe sought out who's driving the modern Hummer economy.

  • Raiders of the Lost Park

    Excavating in Chicago

    Indiana Jones has taught the world what it takes to be an archaeologist: carry a bullwhip and avoid Nazis. Real-world archaeologist Rebecca Graff's brand of archeology is a little closer to home -- she and a team of 20 undergrads are digging up Chicago's Jackson Park to find artifacts from the World's Fair of 1893.

  • Saving Duck Eggs, Saving the Land

    Wild duck nest

    A family farm in California's Sacramento River Valley is the nation's largest source of organic rice. It's also a showcase of sustainable agriculture. The Lundbergs say it's just common sense -- you save some wild ducks eggs, and you end up saving the land.

  • Bike Maintenance Tips

    Chuck Cowen's bike repair shop

    Commuters are taking a good hard look at bicycles as an alternate means of transportation. To make sure they get those rusty old bikes rolling, we're going to take a look at bike maintenance and repair.

  • Making Tough Calls with Beached Mammals

    Dolphin necropsy

    When a marine mammal gets stranded on a beach, the first reaction by most people is to do all they can to save it. But that money and effort might best be reserved for endangered species. Marine biologist Bill McLellan talks about the delicate task of explaining to beach bystanders that it's sometimes best to let the animal die.

  • Fall Foliage for a Spring Show

    Tulip leaf print

    Spring is an unlikely time to admire fall foliage. But this weekend, nature lovers will be able to get their fill -- fall leaves from Brooklyn's Prospect Park will adorn art gallery walls. Sally Herships talks to printmaker Jessica Baker about her unique method of printing designs directly onto tree leaves.

  • Celebrate World Naked Gardening Day

    Celebrate gardening in the buff...

    Today is "World Naked Gardening Day." Gardeners around the world are marking the day with... well, nothing. Jay North, an organic gardener and "naturalist" in Ojai, Calif., talks with Bill Radke about the joys of gardening in the buff. Just be careful with the garden shears, and keep and eye out for bees...

  • A Silicon Valley Manufacturing Mystery

    Electronic circuit board

    The tragic death of a young man at a circuit board manufacturer puts a new focus on small factories where mostly Latino workers toil to create critical parts for our electronic devices. Once Silicon Valley was home to hundreds of such factories, but now most have moved overseas, mainly to China.

  • A War Over an Hour

    The transition to Daylight Saving Time hasn't always been an easy one. From riots in Athens, Ohio, over shortened bar hours to time-zone separation anxiety in the Twin Cities, Dr. David Prerau, shares stories of Daylight Saving Time dilemmas.

  • Foraging for Lunch on the Streets of L.A.

    Searching for Greens in the City

    Could you make a meal off what you found growing on the streets of one of America's biggest, most polluted cities? Nance Klehm can -- she takes Bill Radke on a walking tour of L.A., foraging for salad fixings amid the traffic and noise.

  • Washington to Alaska: Stopping Off in Anchorage

    Erin and Knik Arm

    Erin McKittrick and her husband Bretwood "Hig" Higman have been walking, rowing and skiing north from Seattle for eight months now--since last June. They are headed for Unimack Island, Alaska, and when they get there they will have walked 4,000 miles. All to bring awareness to environmental issues. They check in with Weekend America.

  • Letters: Horse Rustlin' and "Puff" Endings

    This week we open the Weekend America mailbox, and we hear your thoughts on chopping down Christmas trees, how "Puff the Magic Dragon" could end happily and how horse theft is a real problem in the U.S.

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