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Weekend America Series

Election 2008

Follow what may be the longest election season in history with Weekend America.


  • How to Make Fun of Barack Obama

    The Real Deal

    How do you laugh at Barack Obama? Members of Chicago's Second City share some comedic advice.

  • On the Sidelines of the Election

    James Kilat and Julius Nganga

    There are about 25 million foreign-born people living in this country who cannot legally vote, but they can pay attention to the presidential fever that's taken over the country. Reporter Mhari Saito talks to some immigrants who have political opinions even though they are not allowed to vote.

  • Election Season, 19th Century Style

    Republican presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain

    Can the underdogs turn it around? Will the front-runners keep their momentum? It's a torrent of wall-to-wall punditry, campaign ads and breathless newscasters. We wondered: was there a time when Americans didn't obsess over their presidential contests? When it wasn't a soap opera?

  • (Still) Campaigning for Kucinich

    Homemade Fervor

    Recently, the Washington state Dennis Kucinich campaign ran into a problem: their guy dropped out of the presidential race. But rather than fold up the campaign effort, the Kucinich folks decided to soldier on anyway. They're gearing up for this weekend's Washington caucuses, hoping to earn delegates and have an influence on the party's national platform. Are they delusional or nobly crusading on behalf of their ideals?

  • City Voter, Country Voter

    Bill Bishop

    Bill Bishop, editor of an online magazine devoted to rural issues called "The Daily Yonder," talks about another voting divide: city versus country. He speaks with Weekend America host Desiree Cooper about what's on the minds of rural voters.

  • Jeff Horwich's Super Tuesday

    Jeff Horwich

    We asked "In the Loop's" Jeff Horwich to turn the excitement of Super Tuesday into a song. And he did!

  • The Weekend America All Stars do Super Tuesday

    There was only one thing, we thought, keeping Super Tuesday from being really super: no music. Phew. That's fixed. Here are two more Super Tuesday tracks to get your election on.

  • A Candidate Blind Taste Test

    Who Do You REALLY Want?

    Weekend America gets a lot of letters about coverage of the campaign, and one complaint keeps coming up about media coverage in general: too much focus on the personalities, not enough on the issues. So we decided to run a little experiment. We've taken the remaining candidates for president, given them pseudonyms, and summarized what they stand for. Can you guess who stands for what?

  • The Mountain Goats do Super Tuesday

    The Mountain Goats

    What Super Tuesday Needs is a song!

  • A History of Super Tuesdays

    The Ballot Screen

    More than two dozen states will hold primaries and caucuses on Feb. 5. This weekend the campaigning is intense, as the surviving candidates try to hit more states than ever before. Barbara Norrander, a political science teacher at the University of Arizona, tells Weekend America host Desiree Cooper about how Super Tuesday came to be, and why it may be a relic by the next election cycle.

  • Electro Pop Election

    Hearts of Palm UK

    What does Super Tuesday sound like when it goes electro pop? Like this!

  • A Sleep Deprived Election Season

    Sleeping Rally

    This year's presidential candidates are criss-crossing the country daily, often on only a few hours of sleep a night. What exactly happens to the brain after months of sleep deprivation? To answer that, Weekend America host Desiree Cooper speaks with Matt Walker, director of the Sleep and Neuro-imaging Lab at the University of Calif. at Berkeley.

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