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  • Knowing When to Give Up

    Alexander Thompson self-portrait with film camera

    Hillary Clinton plans to announce Saturday her support for Barack Obama's candidacy, ending her bid to become president. Here's some stories from our listeners about a time in their lives when they were so dedicated to something that people around them wondered if and when they would quit.

  • Letters: A Gift of Life

    Also two weeks ago, we brought you Marc Sanchez' story about his journey as a bone marrow donor. Many of you were moved by the story, including Joel Carter of Grand Rapids, Mich., who wrote Marc a letter expressing his gratitude for all donors on behalf of an entire family rescued from grief.

  • Brighton Beach's Russian Accent

    Victoria's music

    Russian emigres have been a Brighton Beach fixture ever since the breakup of the Soviet Union in the late 1980s. The Brooklyn neighborhood's restaurants and nightclubs boast acts hard to find anywhere else -- like singer and composer Victoria Lisina, who found a new life on American shores.

  • Memories of High School Drama

    "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"

    Remember those days when high school meant everything? There was drama around every locker... What if you don't have the right hairstyle? What if you forget your lines in the school play? What if that C in physics keeps you out of your top-choice college? A new blog asks readers to share their memories.

  • Being the Assistant is the Real Trick

    The Magic Castle in Hollywood

    As part of our Weekend Shift series, we meet a worker who spends her Saturday nights being sawed in half. What you and I call a magician's assistant, magicians actually call a box jumper. And as Weekend America reporter Nate Dimeo tells us, the world of the box jumper is changing.

  • Gay Marriage and Terrorist Donuts

    Our latest panel of non-experts weigh the week's biggest headlines: Firoozeh Dumas, author of "Laughing Without an Accent"; Gustavo Arellano, writer of the infamous "Ask a Mexican" advice column for the OC Weekly; and David Rakoff, author of "Don't Get Too Comfortable."

  • A Ren Fair Magical History Tour

    The Don Juan and Miguel Show

    When Julia Barton was 11, she was introduced to the strange and magical world of Renaissance faires when her parents' music ensemble was invited to perform at the famed Scarborough Faire outside of Dallas. This weekend, she returned to catch up with some old characters from her youth.

  • Raiders of the Lost Park

    Excavating in Chicago

    Indiana Jones has taught the world what it takes to be an archaeologist: carry a bullwhip and avoid Nazis. Real-world archaeologist Rebecca Graff's brand of archeology is a little closer to home -- she and a team of 20 undergrads are digging up Chicago's Jackson Park to find artifacts from the World's Fair of 1893.

  • Kid Poems for Summer Days

    Cover of "Whatever the Weather"

    Betsy Franco is a children's poet and author of many books. She shares some of her favorite poems about summer, and what it's like to be young and full of wonder as the days turn hot and the nights are full of stars.

  • Coping with the Summer SAD Blues

    A cool waterfall

    Most folks associate Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with winter weather and dark days. But a small percentage experience the disorder in the summer -- they shun the heat and the glare of the sun, and find solace in dark, air-conditioned spaces. We talk with Saskia Smith about how she copes with summer SAD.

  • U2: Stuck in a Moment

    Julie Nicholds and her children

    We've been asking you about the music that plays in your time off -- your Weekend Soundtrack. This week's story comes from Julie Nicholds. She listens to us in Wauwatosa, Wis. The soundtrack to her weekend is "Stuck in a Moment" by U2, and she tells us how it turned her life around.

  • A Hopeful Spirit's 90th Birthday

    Daddy's girl

    Presidents Day Weekend was a big weekend for Tracy Friedman, who flew from Los Angeles to her hometown of Milwaukee to celebrate her father's 90th birthday. It was a great celebration, and Friedman reflecting on his remarkable and youthful resilience.

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