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Kerry Grens

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  • Biotech tries its hand at artificial organs

    Americans are surviving long enough that many of us are outliving our organs, and it's taking millions of dollars each year in health care to maintain them. Artificial organs could change that. Kerry Grens reports.

  • Some college kids addicted to tanning

    A new study of college students says that about a third of those who used tanning beds might be addicted -- to tanning. Kerry Grens reports.

  • Second Skeleton

    Justin Henke

    Basketball season is starting for kids around the country. Parents can expect their kids to come home with scrapes, bruises, perhaps even the occasional sprained elbow or jammed finger. For one family, the consequences can be much more severe. Even the slightest injury to eight-year- old Justin Henke can inflame a dormant and destructive disease lurking within his genes.

  • Skull Scanning

    A skull from the Mutter Museum

    For years, anthropologists have wanted to do research inside the heads of human skeletons to answer questions about the evolution of the human brain. Problem is, getting inside a skull is tricky without cracking it open. This weekend, researchers in Philadelphia are finally getting their chance to CAT scan 19th-century skulls.

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