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Angela Kim

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  • Debate Sparring, Gas Prices, and Chihuahua Fever

    Rusco and Angel of "Beverly Hills Chihuahua"

    Our panel of non-experts weigh in on this week's news events in a parlor game to gauge what kind of week America had. Joining us on this week's panel are: Kerry Howley, contributing editor to Reason Magazine; Ken Silverstein, Washington Editor for Harper's Magazine and author of "Turkmeniscam"; and Luke Burbank, Seattle host of the radio show "Too Beautiful To Live."

  • Political Dreams

    The Cover of "American Dreamers"

    Sometimes you don't have to be a political junkie for the presidential candidates to seep into your subconscious. Each time you turn on the TV or read the news, there they are. For some people, these sounds and visions have made their way into their dreams. But what does it all mean?

  • The Dow's Drop, Wiretapping, and Aging Endearments

    Traders in Chicago watch the Dow rise and fall.

    Our panel of non-experts weigh in on this week's news events in a parlor game to gauge what kind of week America had. Joining us on this week's panel are: Robert Ferrigno, author of "Sins of the Assassin"; Stacey Grenrock-Woods, sex advice columnist for Esquire Magazine and author of a new memoir, "I, California"; and Tak Toyoshima, creator and artist of the syndicated comic strip "Secret Asian Man."

  • VP Fight, Bailout Rescue, American Lit

    Palin and Biden Debate.

    Our panel of non-experts weigh in on this week's news events in a parlor game to gauge what kind of week America had. Joining us on this week's panel are: Sarah Haskins from Current TV's "Infomania"; John Ridley, editor-in-chief of "that minority thing.com"; and Bob Mankoff, cartoon editor at The New Yorker.

  • Open Letter to a Thief

    Just two months ago, someone broke into Weekend America producer Angela Kim's apartment while she was away. Everything was taken, including her computer and two backup hard drives. Along with many possessions, six years of digital memories are suddenly gone. Angela wonders how she can regain what was lost.

  • State of Suburbia

    Dolores Hayden

    The state of today's suburbs has become far more complicated since Levittown first was founded. With concerns about energy, urban planning and infrastructure, contemporary suburbanites have a lot more on their minds than just buying a home. To find out where the suburbs stand today, we spoke with Dolores Hayden, a professor at Yale University who's written extensively about suburbia.

  • Congress on the Bailout, McCain on the Campaign

    Rally in front of the New York Stock Exchange

    The financial crisis shifted from Wall Street to Capitol Hill as Congress tried to hash out a bailout for the financial industry. The price tag could be as high as $700 billion. Is the bailout good news, bad news, or no news?

  • The Economy Meltdown

    Watching the stock index fall.

    This week's events on Wall Street seemed like something from a movie. From the start of the week there was panic in the financial world about how the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers would affect other financial markets. There was steep drop in the DOW and the government came in to help with bailouts. This is a problem that isn't going away.

  • Trying to Stabilize

    Wall Street Tries to Stabilize

    This week was a financial roller-coaster on Wall Street. How does it compare with other bad times, and what can history tell us about what's to come? Weekend America host John Moe gets some perspective from American Public Media's chief economics correspondent Chris Farrell.

  • Bankopalypse, Drilling, and Anchovies

    Wall Street tries to stabilize after meltdown

    It's been a rough week if you have or would like to have money ever. Or if you participate in the economy in any way. Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy, Merrill Lynch was hastily sold to Bank of America. Insurance and financial services giant AIG got an $85 billion loan from the government. The Dow plunged, then soared later in the week as Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson announced a plan to back troubled money market funds.

  • Palin in Charge, Files on the Lam, and Citizen Enforcers

    Vigilante parking ticket writers?

    Citizens of Asheville, N.C., are taking the law, and a pad of parking tickets, into their own hands. Asheville is effectively deputizing anyone who completes a five-hour training course to write parking tickets for vehicles illegally parked in handicapped spots. Parking space vigilantism: Good news, bad news, or no news?

  • Veeps, Fastballs, and Slow Death.

    Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

    Republican John McCain has chosen as his running mate Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Is that Good News, Bad News or No News?

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