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Krissy Clark

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  • Money woes plague Americans' dreams

    We've heard a lot about how the recession has affected the "American Dream." But the literal meaning of the term hasn't gotten much attention. So how has the downturn been affecting Americans' dreams? Krissy Clark reports.

  • Life goes on after foreclosure

    Stories of families in the throes of losing their homes are all over the news. But what happens to those families -- and the homes -- after the foreclosure is final? Krissy Clark visits a couple in Las Vegas to find out.

  • In Vegas, 'It just got worse and worse'

    Las Vegas had one of the nation's hottest economies when home prices were rising. Now, it's gone bust. Reporter Krissy Clark meets a former mortgage broker who's trying to make a life after living through the boom's rise and fall.

  • Hugging Saint

    Krissy Clark experiences Amma's hug

    If it's cold where you are this weekend, you can hug for warmth. Chances are, if you hug, it will be with someone you know. Such is not the case with a woman named Amma. In the last few days, Amma has hugged about 10,000 people. And next week she'll hug several thousand more. A couple years ago, she hugged Weekend America's Krissy Clark in San Francisco.

  • Gated Into Foreclosure

    Karen Lewis and her son Cooper

    In the massive wave of foreclosures that have hit many parts of the country this year, nowhere has been hit harder than Las Vegas. Things are especially dire in the recently built subdivisions, like the gated community of San Niccolo. Weekend America's Krissy Clark first went behind the gates of this neighborhood last spring, and she's been bringing us stories from behind the gates.

  • To Shop or Not to Shop?

    Robert Reich

    The recession is starting to get you all fired up for some last minute Christmas shopping, right? Because don't forget, every time you reach for your wallet, not only do you hold the fate of your own economic health in your hands, you also hold the fate of the nation's. This is a big and completely confusing responsibility. So what do you do? That's what Weekend America's Krissy Clark wanted to know.

  • Your Take on the New American Car

    What will revive the American car?

    The CEOs of Ford, Chrysler and GM are driving back to Detroit this weekend after asking Congress a second time for billions of dollars to avoid bankruptcy. We still don't know if Congress will say yes. In the meantime, you sent us your best ideas about how to make American cars inspiring and awesome again. Here are some of our favorites.

  • The New American Car

    Los Angeles Auto Show

    Auto industry CEOs and union leaders are back in Detroit empty-handed this weekend. They spent the week on Capitol Hill begging, unsuccessfully, for help to avoid possible bankruptcy and even more layoffs. Congress has refused to bail them out, at least so far. But in the meantime, we thought we'd offer our own bailout. Not in dollars, but in ideas. How should we re-imagine the American car?

  • Prop 8 Revisited

    Prop 8 opponents comfort eachother on Nov. 5

    This week, the buzzword was "hope" for many voters around the country. But not for gay and lesbian couples in California, where the electorate passed ballot Proposition 8 - a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Three lawsuits have already been filed to overturn the ban. While the presidential campaign is finally over, the fight over the definition of marriage still has a long way to go.

  • Prop 8 and Me

    Proposition 8 could ban same-sex marriage in Calif

    In California, a state initiative called Proposition 8 is on the ballot to ban gay marriage through an amendment to the state constitution. The outcome of Proposition 8 could affect whether other states allow gay marriage. And the race has gotten close, expensive and extremely polarized. But there are some people who, though they have strong opinions, are trying to stay above the fray.

  • Obama, Japan; McCain, North Carolina

    Obama Girls

    In this, the penultimate weekend before the election, you might be wondering what Obama and McCain are doing in their off-camera moments. That's what Weekend America's Krissy Clark was wondering. And she discovered that, oddly enough, Obama will be baking a lot of sweet bean cakes this weekend. And McCain will be eating a lot of turkey. You probably think we're talking about Barack Obama and John McCain. But we aren't.

  • Ignorant Voters

    An absentee voter ballot

    You might be busy this weekend getting ready for election day. Poring over voter guides, fact-checking candidate claims, getting informed. If you're doing any of those things, however, you are different than most Americans. Here are some scary statistics: Only two out of five Americans can name the three branches of the federal government. Only one in seven can find Iraq on a map. A majority don't know the name of their Congressional representative.

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