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Bill Radke

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  • Deciding to Have a Second

    Bill Radke, wife Sara Bowen and Susanna

    Fertility rates in the U.S. are at an all-time high. It might be good for the future of social security; not so much for the environment. Weekend America host Bill Radke weighs the arguments as he and his wife contemplate having another child.

  • A Sighting in Stephenville


    Since the alleged UFO sighting in Stephenville, Texas on Jan. 8, the town of almost 17,000 has been a buzz. News crews and UFO investigators have taken over the town with the common goal of finding out what it is people really saw. Some locals shared their stories with Weekend America.

  • The Non-Barbecue of North Carolina

    Pork Belly

    When host Bill Rake is in North Carolina, he decides to go against the grain, to throw convention out the window, to NOT eat barbecue. Food writer Kelly Alexander was his guide to distinctive North Carolinian foods that are un-barbecued.

  • The Haunted House

    Mountain Woman

    Sue Ely listens to "Haunted House" by Natalia Zukerman on the weekends. Host Bill Radke gets inside it.

  • Laughing in the Museum is Allowed

    Comedian Stephen Colbert got his portrait hung in the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery, at the entrance to the restrooms. Humor's not unknown in museums, but we don't always expect to find it there. Weekend America host Bill Radke speaks with conceptual artist and critic Jonathon Keats.

  • Yelling and Screaming

    This week's panelists discuss a stimulus package, the fight between the Clintons and Obama and a very angry voicemail message.

  • Democrats Abroad Cast a Vote

    Meredith Gowan LeGoff

    Presidential campaigns are pulling all-nighters in South Carolina and Florida, as well as in Sweden, Hong Kong and Madagascar. American Democrats living abroad will be voting next month by mail, fax, in polling places and -- for the first time -- over the Internet.

  • Lynchings in the Old West

    Eternity 2007

    Recently, a California photographer named Ken Gonzales-Day came face to face with the little-known history of lynching in the American West. He photographs trees in California where violent lynchings took place, often of Latinos, in the time of vigilante justice.

  • One Thing: A Chat With the Producers

    From Sudan to Omaha

    Producers Ann Hepermann and Kara Oehler found so many compelling stories of refugees and the special thing they brought with them, that they couldn't fit them all into the One Thing Series. They share some of stories and special moments with host Bill Radke.

  • Nevada Caucuses for the West

    Mountains rise behind Colorado City, Ariz.

    Nevada has moved its caucus up earlier than its ever been in hopes that it will force presidential hopefuls to pay attention to issues that matter to the West. Host Bill Radke speaks with Larry Swanson, director of the O'Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West about what the Nevada's new position on the 2008 election season calendar means.

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