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Good News, Bad News, No News

Gay Marriage and Terrorist Donuts

Bill Radke

1. In his new book, formerly loyal White House press secretary Scott McClellan charges the Bush administration waged a "political propaganda campaign" that led the nation into an "unnecessary war," that Bush was intent on confronting Saddam Hussein from the beginning, and that the White House's "permanent campaign" mode crippled its ability to cope with Hurricane Katrina and other crises. Does this memoir sound like Good News, Bad News or No News?

2. Last week, the California Supreme Court gave the green light to same-sex marriages. This week, we learned that New York state will recognize same-sex marriages from other states. Are these developments Good News, Bad News or No News?

3. Dunkin' Donuts recently pulled a TV ad featuring celebrity chef Rachael Ray after critics said she appeared to be wearing a kaffiyeh -- a traditional Arab headdress that these critics say has come to symbolize Muslim extremism and terrorism. Is Dunkin' Donuts' withdrawal of the ad Good News, Bad News or No News?

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  • By Joyce White

    From Dundee, OR, 05/31/2008

    We do need to discuss important issues such as poverty and health care, not hiding behind inflammatory topics. A question was raised on air regarding the impact of gay marriage legalization on sanctified marriage. I believe any person who is gay lives with a disorder (whether chosen or not) which needs honest recognition, compassion and healing (if and when possible). To name this disorder among a list of "normal" options does not help the individual with the disorder, teens confused about their sexuality or our love-starved society.

    By sal thomas


    Gay Marriage Issue: I file it under the bad news category. No matter what anyone says, God will have final say.

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