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Good News, Bad News, No News

Mitt-less-ness, Zell and Nature

Bill Radke

Suzie Lechtenberg

Tribune Owner Sam Zell in Q&A

1. Super Tuesday has left the Democrats battling, while conservative Republican kittens have lost their Mitt-ens. Is this good, bad or no news?

2. The new owner of the Tribune newspaper chain, billionaire Sam Zell, was getting to know his employees at a Q & A session. One of his photographers asked how to uphold journalistic standards when the public just wants to see photos of puppy dogs. Zell accused the photographer of arrogance and told her that her job is to produce revenue so that the chain can afford to cover the Iraq war. He also directed a profane epithet at her. Does this exchange concerning the state of journalism strike you as good news, bad news or no news?

3. The National Academy of Sciences has published a report by conservation scientists that says Americans are spending less time in nature. Hiking and backpacking is slightly up; but camping, hunting, fishing and visits to national parks have all declined sharply. Is this good news, bad news or no news?

4. Hall of Fame pitcher Juan Marichal and future Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez were videotaped at a cockfight in their native Dominican Republic, where the sport is legal and popular. The tape shows the two laughing before releasing the roosters. Pedro's bird did not appear to survive. Good news, bad news or no news?

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  • By Edith Rylander

    From Grey Eagle, MN, 02/15/2008

    Unless your commentators live on another planet, they are part of the ecosystem on this one--so "leaving nature alone" is not an option. Most funding for wildlife comes from the sale of hunting licenses. If our national parks and wildlife refuges have no users, they will have no constituency. Maintaining parks and wildlands without a constituency is like maintaining a theater or restaurant nobody attends.
    Your commentators need a refresher class in elementary biology.

    By Sammy Dalati


    I think it is terrible news that we are losing our touch with nature. If we don't experience and love it we will not feel nearly as bad about its destruction , and in a world where thousands of acres of rain forest are being destroyed, we need to rediscover that our well-being is directly related to the planet's well-being.

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