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    Weekend America broadcast its last show Saturday, January 31, 2009. The show tried to tell the most eye-opening, memorable, astonishing stories about what was happening in America each weekend. On this site you’ll find literally thousands of stories spanning nearly five years. Each time you visit the site, the story boxes will refresh with different selections from the archives. You can also use the search tool, or find programs by air date or producer name. Thank you to all the listeners, programmers and staff who made Weekend America a joy to produce. Peter Clowney, executive producer

  • Stories from John Moe

    Spending the Stimulus Money

    Sen. Jeff Sessions

    This week, the Obama administration's stimulus package passed the House. The Senate votes next. For some state agencies, you'd think it might be a challenge divvying up the funds. But Malcolm Wolf doesn't think it will be too difficult. He's the director of the Maryland Energy Administration, and we spoke to him about how the money will be spent in his state.

  • Stories from Desiree Cooper

    What Makes a Great War Movie?

    George C. Scott in "Patton"

    The second-annual GI Film Festival gets underway in Washington, D.C. this weekend. They're showing a mix of recent feature films, documentaries, even some classics. Larry Suid is a military historian, speaking on a panel today about the 100 greatest war movies. Desiree Cooper asks what makes a good war film.

  • Stories from Krissy Clark

    Hugging Saint

    Krissy Clark experiences Amma's hug

    If it's cold where you are this weekend, you can hug for warmth. Chances are, if you hug, it will be with someone you know. Such is not the case with a woman named Amma. In the last few days, Amma has hugged about 10,000 people. And next week she'll hug several thousand more. A couple years ago, she hugged Weekend America's Krissy Clark in San Francisco.

  • Stories from Bill Radke

    Gay Marriage and Terrorist Donuts

    Our latest panel of non-experts weigh the week's biggest headlines: Firoozeh Dumas, author of "Laughing Without an Accent"; Gustavo Arellano, writer of the infamous "Ask a Mexican" advice column for the OC Weekly; and David Rakoff, author of "Don't Get Too Comfortable."

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Random Stories from the Archives

  • Percussion on the Road

    Ches on the Road

    As a percussionist, Ches Smith is on the road a lot. By his count, six to eight months a year. All that time on the road can be a little boring after a while. There's only so many times you can play "The Out of State License Plate Game." On his most recent tour with the band Xiu Xiu, Ches came up with the idea to write and record a piece of music for each town on the tour. Assisting him with the project are audience members from each town. He calls it the Y/OUR Town Project.

  • This Weekend in 1968: Political Ads

    Robert Kennedy reaches to the crowd in 1968

    Lately if you walk anywhere near a TV, you'll see lots of campaign ads. Everyone's vowing to make things better around here. A lot of what you're hearing this time around in 2008 might seem really novel. But this weekend on our series about 1968, we'll hear how much of what is old becomes new again. Here's a review of more than 80 political ads over the past 40 years. Judge for yourself what's changed and what hasn't.

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