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    Enjoy Weekend America's Archives

    Weekend America broadcast its last show Saturday, January 31, 2009. The show tried to tell the most eye-opening, memorable, astonishing stories about what was happening in America each weekend. On this site you’ll find literally thousands of stories spanning nearly five years. Each time you visit the site, the story boxes will refresh with different selections from the archives. You can also use the search tool, or find programs by air date or producer name. Thank you to all the listeners, programmers and staff who made Weekend America a joy to produce. Peter Clowney, executive producer

  • Stories from John Moe

    Travels with Fuzzy

    Fuzzy gets stuck

    John Moe recently moved his family from Seattle to St. Paul, Minn. It was a big shift -- two kids, a house that had been a home for 10 years. He's been keeping track of the process in a series of stories called Moving Day. In this episode, he heads east with an unlikely traveling companion.

  • Stories from Desiree Cooper

    Was it the Bradley Effect?

    Tom Bradley

    After Hillary Clinton's win in New Hampshire, pundits have been arguing over whether the "Bradley Effect" contributed to Barack Obama's second-place finish. That's the phenomenon of voters telling pollsters they support a black candidate, but changing their minds in the voting booth. Weekend America's Desiree Cooper sits down with author and professor Michael Fauntroy to find out what's going on .

  • Stories from Krissy Clark

    A Sword of Memories

    The sword's has World War Two era fittings, but th

    Krissy Clark was 11 when she realized her dad had killed someone. She had always suspected there was a story behind the samurai sword and Japanese military helmet that hung above the mantle, but it was only later that it all came together.

  • Stories from Bill Radke

    Yelling and Screaming

    This week's panelists discuss a stimulus package, the fight between the Clintons and Obama and a very angry voicemail message.

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Random Stories from the Archives

  • Weekend Soundtrack

    Weekend Soundtrack: "Stolen"

    Listeners from across the country have been telling us about the soundtrack to their weekends. Becky Summerlot listens to the show on WMFE in Orlando, Fla., and she explains why the Dashboard Confessional song, "Stolen," is her weekend song.

  • Good News/Bad News/No news

    Good News, Bad News, No News

    Our panel of non-experts review the week's events in a parlor game to gauge what kind of week America had. Weighing in this week will be Amy Hungerford, Dana Gould, and Nancy French

  • How to Cook a Wolf

    Not wolf stew, but rather homemade gaspacho.

    As the economy slows, food prices rise, and more families are turning to food stamps and food banks to get by. It's enough to make the whole eating thing an anxiety-ridden affair. But solace might be found in an old book.

  • A Native American Take on Independence

    Michelle Singer and Bruce Babbitt, July 4, 1998

    This weekend, we celebrate our nation's 232nd birthday. But it's not a celebration for everybody, especially for many of the Indian tribes who lived here long before the Founding Fathers got here. So how is the Fourth of July handled on sovereign Indian lands? Weekend America's Krissy Clark spoke with some tribal members to find out.

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