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    Weekend America broadcast its last show Saturday, January 31, 2009. The show tried to tell the most eye-opening, memorable, astonishing stories about what was happening in America each weekend. On this site you’ll find literally thousands of stories spanning nearly five years. Each time you visit the site, the story boxes will refresh with different selections from the archives. You can also use the search tool, or find programs by air date or producer name. Thank you to all the listeners, programmers and staff who made Weekend America a joy to produce. Peter Clowney, executive producer

  • Stories from John Moe

    Axl's Editor

    Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses

    This is a huge weekend if you're a fan of Guns N' Roses. The new album, "Chinese Democracy," is being released after 16 years. Lead singer Axl Rose, the only original member remaining, has been writing, tweaking, and fussing with this record since before the first Clinton administration. In other words, he's been editing. As any writer knows, it's the editing process that can really slow things down.

  • Stories from Desiree Cooper

    Letters: Losing a Team and a Planet

    The Desert Planet Tatooine

    This week we hear from listeners who urge us to forget about the Seattle SuperSonics, chaperone a middle-school dance and get out Star Wars planets down.

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Random Stories from the Archives

  • Weekend Soundtrack

    Weekend Soundtrack: Face

    There's often that one song that reminds us of the weekend. We've asked our listeners what song rings in their Saturdays and Sundays and we share their stories with you. This week John Duffy, who listens to our show in Elizabethtown, Penn., shares his soundtrack to the weekend.

  • Good News/Bad News/No news

    Good News, Bad News, No News

    Our panel of non-experts review the week's events in a parlor game to gauge what kind of week America had. Weighing in is Weekend America's John Moe, Nancy French, the author of "A Red State of Mind," and Yale literature professor, Amy Hungerford.

  • Butchery Class

    A suckling pig at Avedano's Holly Park Market.

    In San Francisco's Bernal Heights neighborhood, the main commercial strip is usually filled with people pushing baby strollers, walking their dogs or carrying their yoga mats. But the third Sunday of every month, the local butcher shop invites folks to sharpen their knives and really get to know where their food comes from.

  • Cooking with Loser Candy

    Loser Candy

    Maybe you've got that bowl, that plastic pumpkin, that pillowcase of sweets. What do you do with the good stuff? Easy. Eat it. But what about the loser candy? You know, Smarties, Tootsie Rolls, generic suckers from the drug store. Eating that stuff just plain tastes like defeat. Don't worry, we're here to help. Lynne Rosetto Kasper offers us tips on cooking with loser candy.

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