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    Enjoy Weekend America's Archives

    Weekend America broadcast its last show Saturday, January 31, 2009. The show tried to tell the most eye-opening, memorable, astonishing stories about what was happening in America each weekend. On this site you’ll find literally thousands of stories spanning nearly five years. Each time you visit the site, the story boxes will refresh with different selections from the archives. You can also use the search tool, or find programs by air date or producer name. Thank you to all the listeners, programmers and staff who made Weekend America a joy to produce. Peter Clowney, executive producer

  • Stories from John Moe

    Suicides in China

    The company that produces electronics for companies like HP, Apple and Nokia is reporting a high number of suicides and suicide attempts at its plant in China.

  • Stories from Desiree Cooper

    Myths About Blacks

    This week, Radio One, Inc. published a major survey of the African-American community. Researchers polled more than 3000 people about their attitudes toward everything from religion to health insurance. Turns out blacks are evenly divided over what they want to be called--black or African American. But that's not the only surprising finding.

  • Stories from Krissy Clark

    A Silicon Valley Manufacturing Mystery

    Electronic circuit board

    The tragic death of a young man at a circuit board manufacturer puts a new focus on small factories where mostly Latino workers toil to create critical parts for our electronic devices. Once Silicon Valley was home to hundreds of such factories, but now most have moved overseas, mainly to China.

  • Stories from Bill Radke

    Raiders of the Lost Park

    Excavating in Chicago

    Indiana Jones has taught the world what it takes to be an archaeologist: carry a bullwhip and avoid Nazis. Real-world archaeologist Rebecca Graff's brand of archeology is a little closer to home -- she and a team of 20 undergrads are digging up Chicago's Jackson Park to find artifacts from the World's Fair of 1893.

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Random Stories from the Archives

  • Weekend Soundtrack

    Weekend Soundtrack: "Ying and Yang (The Flower Pot Man)"

    What song says it's the weekend? We've been asking you what's playing on your iPod, CD player and tape decks when the weekend rolls around. Michael Langlois hears our show on WLRN in Miami, Fla. He explains why the Love and Rockets song "Ying and Yang (The Flower Pot Man)" reminds him of the weekend.

  • Good News/Bad News/No news

    Goodbye Y Chromosome, Hello Jimi Sex Tape

    Our panel of non-experts reviews the week's news -- author and former Saturday Night Live writer Patricia Marx; journalist and author Dudley Clendinen; and John Ridley, whose latest book is "The American Way," a graphic novel about a government-created team of superheroes. He also writes an NPR blog called "Visible Man."

  • What Happens in the Middle of the Night

    Awake at Night

    Here at Weekend America, we asked listeners what they do in the middle of the night when they're not sleeping. And lots of people took a break from their nocturnal activities to write us. One was an artist/telephone technician who got his best work - both musical and telephonic - done in the wee hours. Another was an emergency room doctor who described the late-night hours in the ER.

  • Atoning With the Young and the Restless

    Yom Kippur has been a holy observance for thousands of years, but for those who tune into daytime television, it's also become a plot twist. This week, the CBS daytime drama "The Young and the Restless" weaved the holy day into a storyline. The character Brad Carlton revealed that he was Jewish last year, and this week he's been atoning for the wrongs he's done. The actor who plays Carlton, Don Diamont, is also Jewish. Weekend America host Bill Radke spoke with Diamont about his character and life off-screen.

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