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Neille Ilel

  • Neille Ilel

    Neille Ilel began making Web sites at the very dawn of the Internet age, in 1995. Since then, she's done Web work for organizations big and small, in pretty much every capacity imaginable, with interface design and strategy as her specialty.

    Since 2000, Neille has been writing, reporting and editing for print, Web and radio. Her work has appeared in the New York Press, Reason magazine, on public radio and more Web sites than anyone cares to remember.

    Projects she's worked on have won several Site of the Week awards from Communication Arts, a One Show and a SXSW Experimental Web Award. The last was for an awesome game/timewaster called Mr. Picassohead, for which she designed the interface.

    You can find more of her work at http://neille.com/

Recent Stories


  • An LSD No-No

    Dock Ellis' stat card

    Steroid use in Major League Baseball has muscled into the headlines in recent years. But drugs in baseball are nothing new. Dock Ellis tells us about the time he pitched a no-hitter for the Pittsburgh Pirates while on acid.

  • Igloos and Cats and Birds and Cookies

    Tea and Tragedy

    On our Web site, we've been making this magical computer collage of the pictures our listeners have taken over the weekend. We randomly grab the latest 104 pictures from Flickr that are tagged "Weekend America" -- or just "weekend" -- and post them on our Web site. It's been looking really cool lately and we decided to ask a few of the photographers who appeared on the site to tell us about their photos and their weekends.

  • America's Weekend, via Flickr

    Every week we do our best to find out what's happening this weekend in America. But we know that some stuff falls through the cracks. Okay, a lot of stuff falls through the cracks. We're remedying this situation by taking a peek into your photo albums, at least the ones you post on Flickr.

  • Suspicion at the Dog Park

    A dog and her owner.

    Recently, Weekend America's Neille Ilel learned something disturbing about a regular at the dog park near her: he was on the state sex offender registry. Dog parks, especially in the sprawl of California, are one of the last places where people from very different backgrounds, who aren't connected in the usual ways -- work, kids, a love of organic vegetables -- actually hang out and talk. She brings us a story of community and fear.

  • Adventures in Genetic Testing

    The cancer blobs. When a woman has a mutation ...

    Last year, after making a deal with her mom, Weekend America's Neille Ilel got tested for the "breast cancer gene." If a woman has a mutation on BRCA1 or BRCA2, she's almost guaranteed to develop breast cancer over her lifetime and is at a highly increased risk for ovarian cancer. But knowing about the gene doesn't necessarily mean there are any easy ways to prevent the disease. Ilel tells us what it's like to get tested for something you can't really change.

  • Think Different

    Think Different

    The Zune music players came out last week. They're Microsoft's answer to the iPod, and they've gotten mixed reviews. But look what they're up against. Everybody has an iPod, and for the most part, people love them. They're well-designed, they're simple, they're small. They're perfect. And that's really bumming out one long-time Mac user: our web producer, Neille Ilel.

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