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Hour 1

  • Voting Block

    Campaigning to be a Delegate in Ohio

    While the candidates scramble to get Ohio votes, a lot of regular folks are scrambling to become a delegate. The process varies from state to state but in Ohio, you pretty much have to back a winner.

  • Election 2008

    Revisiting Mike Gravel

    The Long Shot

    A while back we did a story about a video called "Mike Gravel Rock". It isn't running on TV, but it's all over the internet. We see presidential candidate Mike Gravel in a park by a lake. He stares at the camera for a minute and eleven seconds in an extreme close-up, then turns, picks up a rock, throws it in the lake, and walks away. That's it. It begs for an update.

  • The Lonely Hearts Club

    Weekend America's Krissy Clark recently noticed some mysterious fliers posted on phone poles around the Los Angeles area. They say: "Lost!!!! I lost my heart somewhere between downtown LA and Venice and it might be broken. If found, please email find.my.heart@gmail.com. I really need it back!" The fliers made Clark laugh, but also left her wondering who would respond. We meet some of the people who were drawn in.

  • Weekend Soundtrack

    "Southland in the Springtime"

    The Vaidhyanathan Women

    We've been asking you what song says the weekend for you. This week, listener Vedana Vaidhyanathan from Chapel Hill, N.C. shares her weekend soundtrack with us.

  • Observing the Nature Watchers

    British filmmaker David Attenborough hosts a series of nature documentaries. It's a cult phenomenon on the BBC. This weekend, the Animal Planet channel will be airing his documentary "Blue Planet. "Weekend America" reporter Sean Cole wondered what it might sound like if he did a nature documentary about humans. This piece is part of a series, Stories from the Heart of the Land, currently airing on public radio stations around the country. Go to HeartOfTheLand.org for more information.

  • Song & Memory

    Song and Memory: "Private Eyes"

    People recall songs from their lives that evoke strong memories. Independent producers Ann Heppermann and Kara Oehler talk with Mike Daisey, who says "Private Eyes," by Hall and Oats conjures up some serious memories for him.

Hour 2

  • Vets on Stage

    From the Theater of War to the Theater of Plays

    Can you picture Brad Pitt going off to fight in Iraq? It might not have been so strange 50 years ago. Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, and James Doohan all fought for the U.S. armed forces during World War II. Nowadays we don't come across too many people who've spent time acting as well as serving in the military. But VetStage, a new theater company in Los Angeles, is trying to change that. "Weekend America's" Krissy Clark spent time with the group while they rehearsed for their first performance, "The Wolf."

  • America at War

    Revisiting the Deadly Force Tour

    Family Groove

    Last January, "Weekend America" ran a profile of the R&B cover band Groove Alliance. Their lead singer, Mike Pacheco, is an Army major. When Mike went to Baghdad for 15 months, his fellow band members joined him there to play some benefit shows. Now that Mike back with his family, he's frustrated that Americans seem to care more about "Iraq" the policy debate than about the Iraqi people.

  • Wanted: Parents

    Chris and Amanda

    Sixteen-year-old Amanda and her brother, 18-year-old Chris, have been foster children for most of their lives. They were recently featured in the American Radio Works documentary "Wanted: Parents." It follows them over the course of two years, as they search for an adoptive family. "Weekend America" host Desiree Cooper checks in with Amanda and Chris for an update.

  • Jim Dougherty's New Year's Eve

    Jim Dougherty at WSUI Studios

    Last New Year's Eve, Jim Dougherty ended his midnight jazz show "Big Bands Then and Now" after 37 years on the air. Over the years, he had interviewed the greats on WSUI in Iowa City: Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, and many others. We thought we'd heard the last of him, but Kyle Gassiott has kept in touch with him this whole year.

  • The Bad Plus

    A lot of times, acoustic jazz means something like easy listening. But acoustic jazz trio the Bad Plus makes it their business to challenge the jazz establishment. They put their own stamp on contemporary music by groups such as Black Sabbath, Blondie, and Nirvana. Weekend America's Bill Radke caught up with the Bad Plus on tour and hears their twist on today's music and talks with the band.

  • Diver Down, Revisted

    This weekend, Las Vegas is alive with the sound of Van Halen, They have two shows at the MGM. But not everyone is happy about this reunion tour. Back in September, when the tour started, "Weekend America" reporter and Van Halen fan John Moe showed how things have changed since the 70s.

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