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Hour 1

  • 1968 march turns violent

    King's Last March

    Four decades after Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated, he remains one of the most vivid symbols of hope for racial unity in America. But that's not the way he was viewed the last year of his life -- Kate Ellis talks about her hour-long documentary of King's final days.

  • Music Bridge:
    Honest James
    Artist: Thurston
    CD: Trees Outside the Academy (Ecstatic Peace)
  • Real-Life Fish Tales

    The Day Nearly Everyone Died with Buddy Holly

    It happens all the time: people exaggerate the details of a story, remember something wrong, embellish for dramatic flair, and just accidentally misstate something. It happened to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, with her "sniper fire" fib. We take a look at some more everyday real-life fish tales...

  • Music Bridge:
    The Golden Apple Pie
    Artist: Nonloc
    CD: Between Hemispheres (Strange Attractors Audio House)
  • Weekend Soundtrack

    "Against All Odds"

    Kim Hershberger, left, and sister Gay in 1977

    Twenty-seven years ago, Kim Hershberger's identical twin sister, Gay, died in an auto accident. Kim found solace in the pleading voice of Phil Collins and his hit song, "Against All Odds."

  • Music Bridge:
    Lost Land
    Artist: Takashi Wada
    CD: Araki (Onitor)
  • Change of Seasons

    Signs of Spring

    A sure sign of spring -- cherry blossoms in bloom.

    This weekend, the signs of spring are everywhere. We celebrate the arrival of the season with three stories of how folks say farewell to winter and embrace the Northern Hemisphere's return to the sun.

  • Music Bridge:
    Nice Work If You Can Get It
    Artist: Billie Holiday
    CD: Best of the Verve Years (Verve)
  • Moving My Emotional Baggage

    Apparently I invited someone on a picnic.

    Weekend America Sr. Reporter John Moe recently moved from Seattle to St. Paul, Minn. -- and that meant going through everything he owned and deciding what to keep and what to throw out. This is the first in a series of stories called Moving Day, all about the sometimes thorny, sometimes emotional issues that go along with making a big move.

Hour 2

  • An observatory in Chile illuminated by stars

    The Rarity of a Starlit Sky

    Americans were asked to turn off all non-essential lights while at home on Friday night. Here we learn the advantages of less illumination -- a sky filled with the heavens, instead of a glowing haze...

  • Music Bridge:
    Artist: Kamikaze Ground Crew
    CD: Postcards From the Highwire (Busmeat)
  • An LSD No-No

    Dock Ellis' stat card

    Steroid use in Major League Baseball has muscled into the headlines in recent years. But drugs in baseball are nothing new. Dock Ellis tells us about the time he pitched a no-hitter for the Pittsburgh Pirates while on acid.

  • Music Bridge:
    Dock Ellis No No Song
    Artist: Chuck Broadsky
    CD: The Baseball Ballads (ChuckBrodsky.com)
  • Good News, Bad News, No News

    King Kong Covers, Young Gun Runners

    LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen on cover of Vogue

    Our panel of non-experts reviews the week's news -- former SNL writer and current New Yorker contributor Patricia Marx, talk radio crazy man (and former NPR reporter and host) Luke Burbank, along with essayist, journalist, and actor David Rakoff.

  • Music Bridge:
    Dunkin' In the Deep
    Artist: Stanton Moore
    CD: III (Telarc)
  • A Wedding to One's Own

    With this ring, I me wed

    Host Desiree Cooper's daughter, Rae, is preparing for high school graduation, a major step towards becoming an independent woman. Cooper tries to convince Rae to "marry herself" -- a unique ceremony where a woman vows to love and cherish her own identity.

  • Music Bridge:
    Summer Logic
    Artist: Borko
    CD: Celebrating Life (Morr)
  • Staying Sober, Reinventing Fun

    Keys to Recovery

    A few months ago, Weekend America profiled a student named Sam attending a drug and alcohol recovery program at Minneapolis' Augsburg College. After years of substance addiction, Sam was clean and finding new interests. He was teaching himself the piano and immersing himself in theater. We check back in with him as he approaches his two year anniversary of being sober.

  • Music Bridge:
    Artist: Robert Glasper
    CD: In My Element (Blue Note)
  • Music Bridge:
    Rewinding Sunday
    Artist: Colorlist
    CD: Lists (Off)
  • I Know My Team Needs Me

    Super-fan Cunningham

    March is a great month for sports fans: opening day for baseball, the Sweet Sixteen and NCAA hockey playoffs. That's enough to keep sports nuts screaming all weekend. Not all of the cheering they do is done publicly, however -- many die-hard fans have sacred rituals they perform to ensure their favorite team's success.

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