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  • Ron Paul's Town

    Ron Paul's Montana Revolution?

    Montana's Republican caucuses are part of Super Tuesday on February 5, and this year a limited number of spots are available to those wishing to caucus. It's too much bureaucracy for some, but Ron Paul supporters see it as a golden opportunity. Paul trails in the polls but the Ron Paul army hopes that with a win in Montana, they can send a message.

  • Election 2008

    Was it the Bradley Effect?

    Tom Bradley

    After Hillary Clinton's win in New Hampshire, pundits have been arguing over whether the "Bradley Effect" contributed to Barack Obama's second-place finish. That's the phenomenon of voters telling pollsters they support a black candidate, but changing their minds in the voting booth. Weekend America's Desiree Cooper sits down with author and professor Michael Fauntroy to find out what's going on .

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    Gegen alles bereit
    Artist: Couch
    CD: Figur 5 (Morr)
  • The Sound of Cancer, and Golf

    Cell Sonification

    Although Jonathan Berger, a composer and professor of music at Stanford University, has only been on a golf course once in his life, a certain aspect of the sport has played an interesting role in his research. What fascinates him about golf is the same as in cancer cells and oil spills -- their sound.

  • Weekend Soundtrack

    "Everything for Everyone," Except on the Weekends

    Scarecrow, Witch & Man

    Tamara Neff's weekend soundtrack in Baltimore is "Everything for Everyone," by Johnette Napolitano. Neff says this song reminds her to make the weekends all about herself.

  • Change of Seasons

    A Picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway

    The Fam

    Ewa Powell lives in the foothills of North Carolina with her husband and two kids. On sunny winter days, they head up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. In the winter, many parts of the parkway are closed to traffic, leaving wide open space to walk and wander. Sometimes the Powells picnic right in the middle of the highway, while the kids play. Powell says, it's so quiet and peaceful there that it makes them feel like they are the only people left on earth -- in a good way.

  • Music Bridge:
    Heavenly Birds Pt. 1
    Artist: Rickard Javerling
    CD: Two Times Five Lullaby (Yesternow Recordings)
  • Change of Seasons

    Raine's "How Snow Falls"

    Poet Craig Raine shares his poem "How Snow Falls," which was published in the latest issue of Granta magazine.

  • Change of Seasons

    Musica Sacra's Sounds of Winter

    Lifting Voices

    Can the human voice can evoke a freezing storm or the warmth of home? The choral ensemble, Musica Sacra of Cambridge, Mass., perform modern compositions that represent winter.

  • Song & Memory

    Song and Memory: "Coming in on a Wing and Prayer"

    Once Upon a Doorstep

    "Coming in on a Wing and Prayer," by Harold Adamson, reminds Lucinda Alsobrook Coulter-Burbach of growing up on Dyersberg Army Air Base in Halls, Tenn.

Hour 2

  • Rat-Ta-Tat

    A Return Home from a Gray War

    Army Specialist Andrea Gillingham didn't see any combat in Iraq. In fact, she never left her base. She talks with Weekend America's Michael May about the dullness of military life as they hang out in a karaoke bar in Killeen, Texas.

  • America at War

    Women's New Roles in War

    Marine In Training

    The conflict in Iraq is different from any other for many women in the military. Women are dying in greater numbers, but also facing more difficulties in military life, including sexual harassment. Weekend America host Desiree Cooper gets an update.

  • Music Bridge:
    Artist: Kamikaze Ground Crew
    CD: Postcards From the Highwire (Busmeat)
  • Good News, Bad News, No News

    Primaries, Conflicts and Sexual Similarities

    The primaries, more conflicts with the government of Iran and we find our that Democrats and Republicans are similar, sexually, that is. Is all this good news, bad news or no news.

  • Music Bridge:
    Hot No Ho
    Artist: The Lions
    CD: Jungle Struttin' (Ubiquity)
  • Election 2008

    Making Change in 2008

    "Rally for Change"

    "Change" is the buzzword for presidential candidates this year, almost to absurdity. In the past there was "normalcy." The words "liberal" and "conservative" were considered buzzwords at one time too. University of Kentucky history professor Tracy Campbell unpacks the American electorate's love affair with campaign buzzwords.

  • Music Bridge:
    Artist: D'Arcangelo
    CD: Eksel (Rephlex)
  • Election 2008

    The Campaign Babies

    On the Campaign Trail

    Michael McNarney and Darren Garnick have both spent recent weekends dedicated to a political cause. McNarney and his wife were determined to get their baby's photo taken with all of the presidential candidates during the caucuses in Iowa. And Garnick had the same goal, only in his state of New Hampshire.

  • Music Bridge:
    Make Out Machine
    Artist: Slow Poke
    CD: At Home (Palmetto)
  • Change of Seasons

    Light Snow, Deep for Walking


    Myth has it than Eskimos have more than 100 words for snow. Not quite, but some Alaskan languages have several dozen. Ronald Brower is an Inupiaq language professor at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. He tells us their 37 words for snow, and then Colorado climatologist Nolan Doeskin reveals several English words for snow that most of us have never used.

  • Music Bridge:
    Artist: Rom
    CD: Rom (Wimm)
  • Four Generations of Charro

    Bandito Y Yo

    The Mexican charro has had considerable influence on the American version of the cowboy and his rodeo traditions. Weekend America's Michael May profiles Jerry Diaz, a fourth-generation charro in New Braunfels, Texas.

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