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Hour 1

  • County Delegates

    Caucus in the House

    Jim and Gracia Willis Iowa home is one of the few that still plays host to political caucuses. The Willises had a few dozen folks for the Democratic caucus at their house this year and we check in to see how it all went.

  • Music Bridge:
    Thriftstore Jewelrey
    Artist: The Bad Plus
    CD: Prog ((Do The Math))
  • Election 2008

    First Time Politicos

    Ready for Take-off

    The 2008 presidential elections are drawing more Americans into politics for the first time. We hear from listeners who are registering to vote or joining campaigns for the first time, and ask them why they had to get involved.

  • Music Bridge:
    My Name is Johnny Hawk
    Artist: Global Goon
    CD: Family Glue ((Audio Dregs))
  • Immigration: One Thing

    From Sudan to Omaha

    A Treasured Family Photo

    In Sudan, Malakal Goak worked with an international relief organization, but as the civil war spread, officials in the north accused him of supporting rebels and put him in jail. After escaping and living as a refugee in Kenya, he ended up in Omaha. The one thing Goak brought with him was a love song that his father composed.

  • Too Much Army, Too Much Home

    Last week listeners thought we had too much army, and too much home sweet home on the show.

  • Music Bridge:
    Artist: Sailors Dream
    CD: Guitar Soli ((Numero Group))
  • A Guide to Staying Warm

    (An)Artic Expedition

    Weekend America's John Moe wanted to find out how to get warm and stay warm outside no matter what the thermometer said. He explores precisely how to dress (and how much it will cost you) and what techniques to employ to insure that you'll be able to spend some time this weekend in the great outdoors.

  • Music Bridge:
    Artist: Hauschka
    CD: The Prepared Piano ((Karaoke Kalk))
  • Change of Seasons

    Can't Touch a Skiing Family

    The Family That Skis Together

    We recently asked listeners how they spend winter weekends. Jackie Mizer and her family spend weekends hitting the slopes, in Hailey, Idaho. While listening to MC Hammer.

  • Music Bridge:
    I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won''t Do That)
    Artist: Meat Loaf
    CD: Bat Out of Hell 2: Back Into Hell ((Geffen))
  • Word of the Year

    Words of the American Dialect Society

    At the yearly joint meeting of the American Dialect Society and the Linguistic Society of America this weekend, members will select the words of the year for 2008. The linguists like to think the words they choose shed light on the way our language and our culture have changed over the last year.

Hour 2

  • Starting the New Year with a Dose of Fear

    In Arizona, the start of 2008 was the start of a law that prohibits business owners from hiring illegal immigrants. A business that does so can have their license suspended. This has been making many immigrants nervous. Some have been calling in to Alfredo Gutierrez's Spanish language talk show and telling him about how the law has affected them.

  • Music Bridge:
    Artist: Skallander
    CD: Skallander (Type)
  • Election 2008

    Inside the Minds of Single-Issue Voters

    Supporters of presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee

    Weekend America host Desiree Cooper speaks with Martin White, a single-issue voter in Iowa; and Ed Sarpolus of Michigan State about how single-issues can backfire on candidates.

  • Music Bridge:
    Water Clock
    Artist: Phelan Sheppard
    CD: Harps Old Master (Leaf)
  • Good News, Bad News, No News

    Caucuses, CIA's Loss and Cocaine

    This week Diana Abu-Jaber, John Ridley, Bob Mankoff talk about the caucuses, lost CIA tapes and making cocaine powerless.

  • Music Bridge:
    Artist: Arthur Russell
    CD: Springfield (Audika)
  • All Before Turning 30

    Mustache Challenge

    Each day of her 29th year, Jen MacNeil vowed to do something she's never done before. She's been documenting the results on her blog. Weekend America host Desiree Cooper checks in with Jen as she rounds the corner to turning 30 in March.

  • Music Bridge:
    Older Summers
    Artist: Portastatic
    CD: Who Loves the Sun (Merge)
  • Cell Phone Death

    Currently Unreachable

    Sean Cole's best friend in the world, Aaron, has stopped using a cell phone. He says it was too expensive, kills gorillas and that he didn't want to be reachable all the time. Aaron lives in New York City, where plans change at a moments' notice, not out of necessity, but because they put ambivalence in the water supply.

  • Music Bridge:
    Artist: Tom Verlaine
    CD: Around (Thrill Jockey)
  • The Greatest Upset in All the Universe

    On the Bus

    As the college bowl nears, Charlie Schroeder and two drum majors help us relive The Greatest Upset in All the Universe, or at least in college football.

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