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Weekend America Series

Politics on the Spot

Politics on the Spot


  • Politics on the Spot: The Houston Ship Channel

    The Texas Petrochemicals flare

    For the final installment of our series Politics on the Spot, we head to the industrial heart of Houston, the Ship Channel. Texas has some of the weakest environmental enforcement in the country, and the city of Houston has no zoning codes at all to regulate its large number of oil refineries. As Weekend America's Michael May reports, it all adds up to a bad situation for families and children living right on refinery row.

  • Politics on the Spot: Emergency Room

    Outside MetroHealth's emergency room

    For election season, we're taking you around the country to hear how some of the big issues at stake are playing out on the ground. This week we're tackling one of the most complex issues on the candidates' agendas: health care. To get at it, we sent WCPN's Mhari Saito to the MetroHealth System hospital in Cleveland. It's considered the hospital of last resort for the uninsured in the county.

  • Politics on the Spot: Truck Stop

    Trucker Jesse Cerna

    With the presidential election just over six weeks away, we're launching a new series on Weekend America called "Politics on the Spot." We're sending reporters out to spots around the country and asking them to talk to everyone there about a specific issue under debate this election. Reporter Rene Gutel kicks off the series with a look at fuel prices and economic policy at a truck stop in Phoenix.

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