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Weekend America Series




  • Letters: Race Relations, PTSD

    Sen. Barack Obama speaks in Florida

    We share a sampling of letters and emails from listeners reacting to recent stories heard on Weekend America on race relations and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among older war veterans.

  • Letters: A Gift of Life

    Also two weeks ago, we brought you Marc Sanchez' story about his journey as a bone marrow donor. Many of you were moved by the story, including Joel Carter of Grand Rapids, Mich., who wrote Marc a letter expressing his gratitude for all donors on behalf of an entire family rescued from grief.

  • Letters: A Hitchhike Reunion

    Mary Anne Wise and friends in Calhoun, Ga.,

    A few weeks ago, we aired a story about a woman who hitchhiked on her spring break to Florida back in 1972. We got lots of letters about that story, including one from the state trooper who picked up that hitchhiker and her friends. She hadn't spoken to the state trooper since 1972, but Weekend America changed all that.

  • Letters: Pit Bulls and Hitchhiking

    We got lots of letters about last week's story of a woman remembering her hitchhiking odyssey from Minnesota to Florida, with lots of folks sharing their own hitching stories. And we also got some angry letters from owners of pit bulls, who didn't like the way the breed was characterized in another story about Las Vegas foreclosures.

  • Letters: James Brown the Hero, Marriage Tourism to Thailand

    Listeners share memories from the moment the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s was assassinated, and sound off about last week's story of a man trying to find a wife in Thailand, and his son's trepidation about that quest.

  • Letters: The Box Dad Left for Me

    'Your Neat'

    Last week, we brought a story about moving and what that means for the fate of our emotional baggage. Nicole Rabaud talks about the stacks of documents relating to her parent's divorce.

  • Letters: Wild Harvest, Kindergarten Punks

    Listeners wrote in to tell us about eating stuff they've harvested in the city they live in, how to handle a kindergartener with a mohawk and the level of humor appropriate for public radio.

  • Letters: Losing a Team and a Planet

    The Desert Planet Tatooine

    This week we hear from listeners who urge us to forget about the Seattle SuperSonics, chaperone a middle-school dance and get out Star Wars planets down.

  • Letters: Horse Rustlin' and "Puff" Endings

    This week we open the Weekend America mailbox, and we hear your thoughts on chopping down Christmas trees, how "Puff the Magic Dragon" could end happily and how horse theft is a real problem in the U.S.

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