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  • 'Enough Enough Dayenu Enough'

    Haggadeh cover

    Tonight, Jewish families the world over are gathering to remember the Passover -- the epic story of the Jewish exodus from Egypt. Judith Sloan shares a poem about the meaning of the Hebrew word "dayenu," which translated means "enough." All the world's hardships... will we ever have enough?

  • The Black Jews of South-Side Chicago

    Holding the Torah at Temple Beth Shalom

    They call themselves Hebrew Israelites, and claim a connection with the earliest African adherents of Judaism. Incorporating traditions from black Christian churches, the unique synagogue is attracting more and more followers -- even white Jews are coming through the doors.

  • Let's Play San Francisco Hide-a-Torch!

    Our panel of non-experts reviews the week's news -- Yale literature professor Amy Hungerford, Simon Doonan, author and creative director of Barneys New York, and writer John Ridley, who has an NPR blog called "Visible Man."

  • Clash of the Holidays

    St. Patrick's Day parade reveler

    John O'Grady has been a part of the annual St. Patrick's Day parade in Columbus, Ohio, since he was a teenager. But this year, the holiday falls on the same week as the Easter Holy Week. So this year, O'Grady, a devout Catholic, has decided to sit it out.

  • A Mormon Moment in Politics

    GOP Presidential Candidates Debate Economic Issues

    Clytee Gold is the only Mormon in a family of evangelicals. She tells Bill Radke what impact Mitt Romney's candidacy has had on her life.

  • Electing Religion in Ohio

    Northeast Ohio Values Voter director Diane Stover

    After playing a critical role in the 2004 presidential election, conservative and evangelical groups in Warren County, Ohio, are feeling a lot less powerful this time around.

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