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  • Let's Talk About Porn, Baby

    The Stranger's amateur porn festival logo

    We should alert parents out there, this story deals with the subject of P-O-R-N. It's the talk of the town in Seattle this weekend as thousands of people attend an amateur porn festival called Hump. But what some people find stimulating, other people find off-putting. Reporter Liz Jones falls into that latter camp. But she has a connection with this film festival that was not of her choosing.

  • Garageland: Brad's Little Shop of Horrors

    Brad Palmer

    We continue our "Garageland" series this week as we head to South Pasadena, California, to meet Brad Palmer. During the week, Brad's a make-up artist for TV shows like "CSI: New York" and "Heroes." On the weekends, though, he kicks back in his garage to make props. Brad Palmer's garage looks like any ordinary garage. Until you notice the blood on the floor. And the shelves full of body parts.

  • Tales of Terror

    Tales of Terror

    For the second Halloween in a row, Weekend America asked writers from all across the country to scare up some original - and short - spooky stories. Throughout the show, we bring you brand new tales of terror that clock in at just 30 seconds long. This year, we have David Rakoff, Elise Primavera, Dana Gould, Laura Benedict, David Wellington and Richard Sala.

  • Mission: Garage

    Kevin Felici's Garage

    Got some chores this weekend? Raking leaves? Washing the car? Maybe the most dreaded chore of all - are you bracing yourself? Cleaning out the garage. It's the worst, isn't it? Well, for some people, it's not. There is a type of American for whom the garage is so much more than a place to store junk or cars. For the last four years, Kevin Felici has been working nights and weekends in a quest for the perfect garage.

  • The Science of Fall Colors

    Maple leaves in mid-color change.

    If you're in a part of the country dominated by coniferous trees, with needles instead of leaves, this time of year is just about getting colder. But if your landscape features deciduous trees, it is technicolor outside. But why do the leaves change color? What's actually happening in that tree? We're gonna get all public radio educational.

  • Conversations with America: Lindsey O'Connor

    Lindsey O'Connor

    You'll head into a voting booth soon, if you haven't already voted from home, and declare who you think would lead the country most effectively. You'll take a leap of faith, you might say. This fall, we've been asking people to bring us their take on what's important to them as they prepare to cast their vote. We're calling it Conversations with America. Our essay today comes from Colorado author Lindsey O'Connor.

  • Forgotten Letters

    Fifth Grade Teacher Kathy Burns Rosen in 1970

    This weekend, the 1970 fifth grade class at Sunset Elementary School in Bellevue, Wash., will be having a reunion. What's brought them back together after 38 years is an old class assignment. Teacher Kathy Burns Rosen assigned her students to write a letter describing what they thought would be the most important thing to happen in the 70s or 80s. They self-addressed the envelopes.

  • My Campaign

    Charlie Schroeder senior year

    At the beginning of the presidential campaign season, both McCain and Obama vowed that neither man was going to run a negative campaign. But as Election Day approaches, both campaigns have taken a more combative turn. At last week's debate, the candidates explained that the negative ads were the result of a "tough" campaign. Weekend America's Charlie Schroeder understands a tough campaign. It takes him right back to high school.

  • Curse of the Super-Villain


    Never has the world been so primed for takeover, what with the global economy teetering and all. But do any of our super-villains really want to inherit such a mess? We speak with Dr. Cruelty, one of the leading super-villains in the world about his situation. Certainly he wants to take over the world--what bad guy wouldn't?--but is this really a mess he wants to oversee?

  • Ohio Undecideds

    An Ohio voter during early voting in Toledo, Ohio.

    Two weeks from Tuesday voters go to the polls. Election Day. We never thought we'd get there when this campaign started way back in, like, 1840. Obama and McCain are hitting the battleground states hard. Over the last few elections, Ohio seems to be perpetually held up as one of the most important and swingiest of swing states. Mhari Saito from WCPN in Cleveland has been talking with voters around the state for months now.

  • ETHEL's TruckStop

    Cornelius Dufallo

    New York City has plenty of options for musical entertainment this weekend. Sometimes if can get overwhelming. Do you want to hear a string quartet? Or folk music? If you happen to go over to the Brooklyn Academy of Music, however, you don't have to decide. There's a performance there called "ETHEL's TruckStop: The Beginning" at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Reporter Jeff Lunden tells us about it.

  • The Schooner Anne

    Reid Stowe on the Schooner Anne

    In April 2007, Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad set out from New York harbor on an ambitious sailing voyage. Their goal was to sail for 1000 days without touching land, carrying all their provisions with them. They aimed to beat the world record of endurance sailing, which currently stands at 658 days. Saturday is day 538 of the voyage. We wanted to know what they were listening to to pass the time on their trip.

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