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Weekend America Series

Election 2008

Follow what may be the longest election season in history with Weekend America.


  • How to Make People Like You

    A truism of American politics might read: It's better to be liked than... well, than pretty much anything else. So while people in polls say they'd vote for Hillary Clinton, fewer say they'd have her over to dinner. Pundits will tell you, whether the politician is smart, funny or agrees with a voter 100 percent, nothing is more important than whether that voter might invite that politician to hang out, say, over a couple of brewskis. Weekend America's John Moe asked Tim Sanders, the author of "The Likeability Factor," to give Clinton some tips. And while he was at it, John got a few for himself.

  • The Rock Video

    The video is called "Mike Gravel Rock". It isn't running on TV, but it's all over the internet. It's about three minutes long. We see presidential candidate Mike Gravel in a park by a lake. He stares at the camera for a minute and eleven seconds in an extreme close-up, then turns, picks up a rock, throws it in the lake, and walks away. That's it. But what does it mean when a guy just stares at you then throws a rock in a lake and walks away? Weekend America's John Moe asks Gravel to explain. He also asks a film critic, a band and baby what they see in the clip.

  • Ron Paul's Online Army

    Presidential candidate Ron Paul got some media attention this week after a sparring match with Rudy Giuliani at the Republican Presidential debate. Paul's numbers in the polls haven't been so hot but in the online world, it's a different story. Weekend America's John Moe looks at the phenomenon of the modern internet-fueled campaign.

  • To Be a Socialist in America

    A week from Sunday is the French where the conservative Nicolas Sarkozy is running against socialist Segolene Royal. And it's often said that "conservative" in France would probably considered liberal here in the U.S. Weekend America's John Moe wondered why high-profile socialist presidential candidates are so common in Europe, while he couldn't name one American off the top of his head.

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