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  • Cooking with Loser Candy

    Loser Candy

    Maybe you've got that bowl, that plastic pumpkin, that pillowcase of sweets. What do you do with the good stuff? Easy. Eat it. But what about the loser candy? You know, Smarties, Tootsie Rolls, generic suckers from the drug store. Eating that stuff just plain tastes like defeat. Don't worry, we're here to help. Lynne Rosetto Kasper offers us tips on cooking with loser candy.

  • Scaring the Kids


    What's the scariest movie moment you recall from childhood? It might not even be from a movie that was supposed to be terrifying. Instead, maybe it was a weird little moment of fright in a movie that seemed fairly innocent. Perhaps Gene Wilder's psychedelic boat ride in "Willy Wonka"? The Child Catcher in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"? Or the ultimate in childhood terror: the flying monkeys in "The Wizard of Oz."

  • Obama, Japan; McCain, North Carolina

    Obama Girls

    In this, the penultimate weekend before the election, you might be wondering what Obama and McCain are doing in their off-camera moments. That's what Weekend America's Krissy Clark was wondering. And she discovered that, oddly enough, Obama will be baking a lot of sweet bean cakes this weekend. And McCain will be eating a lot of turkey. You probably think we're talking about Barack Obama and John McCain. But we aren't.

  • Letters: Race, Money, and Sailing

    Endurance Sailing

    It's time to open the Weekend America mailbag and hear your responses to recent shows. This week, host John Moe learns about whether there's any way to determine world records in endurance sailing. Also we hear your responses to last week's segments on race and forgiveness at a Michigan church, and our essay from a college teacher forced to sell her books to buy food.

  • Key-tar King

    Ben Folds

    Ben Folds has been touring on and off for more than 10 years now. That can be a grind, especially when you have to play the hits each night - and enjoy doing it. So Ben Folds brings toys. You should see the stage at his concerts: French horns, multiple glockenspiels, melodicas, a grand piano that he pulls from town to town. It's like an orchestra up there, but with just a few guys. We caught up with him at a recent show to talk about his touring arsenal.

  • Let's Talk About Porn, Baby

    The Stranger's amateur porn festival logo

    We should alert parents out there, this story deals with the subject of P-O-R-N. It's the talk of the town in Seattle this weekend as thousands of people attend an amateur porn festival called Hump. But what some people find stimulating, other people find off-putting. Reporter Liz Jones falls into that latter camp. But she has a connection with this film festival that was not of her choosing.

  • Garageland: Brad's Little Shop of Horrors

    Brad Palmer

    We continue our "Garageland" series this week as we head to South Pasadena, California, to meet Brad Palmer. During the week, Brad's a make-up artist for TV shows like "CSI: New York" and "Heroes." On the weekends, though, he kicks back in his garage to make props. Brad Palmer's garage looks like any ordinary garage. Until you notice the blood on the floor. And the shelves full of body parts.

  • Tales of Terror

    Tales of Terror

    For the second Halloween in a row, Weekend America asked writers from all across the country to scare up some original - and short - spooky stories. Throughout the show, we bring you brand new tales of terror that clock in at just 30 seconds long. This year, we have David Rakoff, Elise Primavera, Dana Gould, Laura Benedict, David Wellington and Richard Sala.

  • This Weekend in 1968: Political Ads

    Robert Kennedy reaches to the crowd in 1968

    Lately if you walk anywhere near a TV, you'll see lots of campaign ads. Everyone's vowing to make things better around here. A lot of what you're hearing this time around in 2008 might seem really novel. But this weekend on our series about 1968, we'll hear how much of what is old becomes new again. Here's a review of more than 80 political ads over the past 40 years. Judge for yourself what's changed and what hasn't.

  • Debate Sparring, Gas Prices, and Chihuahua Fever

    Rusco and Angel of "Beverly Hills Chihuahua"

    Our panel of non-experts weigh in on this week's news events in a parlor game to gauge what kind of week America had. Joining us on this week's panel are: Kerry Howley, contributing editor to Reason Magazine; Ken Silverstein, Washington Editor for Harper's Magazine and author of "Turkmeniscam"; and Luke Burbank, Seattle host of the radio show "Too Beautiful To Live."

  • ETHEL's TruckStop

    Cornelius Dufallo

    New York City has plenty of options for musical entertainment this weekend. Sometimes if can get overwhelming. Do you want to hear a string quartet? Or folk music? If you happen to go over to the Brooklyn Academy of Music, however, you don't have to decide. There's a performance there called "ETHEL's TruckStop: The Beginning" at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Reporter Jeff Lunden tells us about it.

  • The Schooner Anne

    Reid Stowe on the Schooner Anne

    In April 2007, Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad set out from New York harbor on an ambitious sailing voyage. Their goal was to sail for 1000 days without touching land, carrying all their provisions with them. They aimed to beat the world record of endurance sailing, which currently stands at 658 days. Saturday is day 538 of the voyage. We wanted to know what they were listening to to pass the time on their trip.

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