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Weekend America Voices

Lindsey O'Connor

  • Lindsey O'Connor is a journalist and author from Colorado. Her books include "If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy," and "Working at Home." She has worked in broadcast news - including national talk radio and as a news anchor - and writes on family and women’s issues, end–of–life issues, and faith.

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  • Conversations with America: Concluding the Conversation

    Turner, O'Connor and Williams

    Since last September, Weekend America has been asking writers and thinkers for their take on what matters to them and what should matter to all of us during this time of political change. Now that we have a new president, we thought we'd get some of the contributors back together to continue the conversation - with each other.

  • Conversations with America: Lindsey O'Connor

    Lindsey O'Connor

    You'll head into a voting booth soon, if you haven't already voted from home, and declare who you think would lead the country most effectively. You'll take a leap of faith, you might say. This fall, we've been asking people to bring us their take on what's important to them as they prepare to cast their vote. We're calling it Conversations with America. Our essay today comes from Colorado author Lindsey O'Connor.

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