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Jonathan Menjivar

  • Jonathan Menjivar

    Jonathan Menjivar is an Associate Producer with NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross. In addition to Weekend America, he's reported and produced work for a variety of public radio programs including This American Life, Studio 360, Marketplace, and the Web site transom.org where he was an artist-in-residence in 2002.

Recent Stories


  • Sleepover!

    Nora attempts to prank call the boys.

    Two intrepid reporters, Hillary Frank and Jonathan Menjivar, brave the world of PJs, giggles and video games to see what really goes down at weekend slumber parties. Frank and Menjivar went to two sleepovers, a girl's slumber party and a boy's one, respectively, to get the goods on what really goes on once the lights go out.

  • First Weekend Home: Laid Off

    Rosanna Leisure driving a forklift

    For 544,000 people in the US, the line that divides the week and the weekend got a little more murky last month. The unemployment rate now stands at 6.7 percent, the highest it's been in 15 years. For reporter Jonathan Menjivar in Philadelphia, all these statistics recently became a reality. Not for himself, but for his mother, Rosanna Leisure.

  • Naming the Dead

    Yong Lee Standing on the Street Memorial

    From the sidewalks of St. Paul to the cobblestones of Philadelphia, Pa. Girard Avenue crosses the entire city east to west. And often it's a dividing line: Gentrifying Center City neighborhoods stop at Girard. Reporter Jonathan Menjivar was at 28th Street and Girard recently, where he found the sidewalk impossible to ignore.

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