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Joshua McNichols

  • Joshua McNichols

    Joshua McNichols lives Seattle, Washington. He left a career in architecture to make radio. He still occasionally drafts a little to pay bills, and spends much time clowning around with his family. McNichols hopes to turn his small urban lot into a farm.

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  • Pollution Smells Like Pumpkin Pie

    This is where sewage goes.

    The holidays are over. Maybe you've joined a gym, started a new, healthy diet. It's been a week since you touched that plate of stale holiday cookies. But for the salmon in Puget Sound, the feast is just beginning. And their diet has been getting much worse. From Seattle, Joshua McNichols explains.

  • Say Hello to My Little House

    Tiny Palace

    Dee Williams really wanted to downsize. So Williams built herself a house so small, it would easily fit inside a suburban kitchen. She powers her three light bulbs with solar panels. The propane she cooks and heats her place with costs about $8 a month.

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