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Tori Marlan

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  • First Weekend Home: After the Coma

    Justin Logan in rehab with his son Michael

    Traumatic brain injury - or an injury caused by a severe blow to the head - is the leading cause of death and disability for children and young adults. One of the most common causes of those injuries is car accidents. That's how high school student Justin Logan wound up in the hospital a few months ago. Reporter Tori Marlan followed Justin out of rehab and through his first weekend home in his mother's care.

  • From Refugee Camp to Austin Apartment

    A new home in Texas

    For our continuing series "First Weekend Home," reporter Tori Marlan brings the story of a family of refugees from Myanmar (formerly Burma) spending their first weekend in a place they hope will one day feel like home: Austin, Texas. But just getting used to common things -- light switches, supermarkets and beds -- is a challenge.

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