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Weekend America Voices

Roman Mars

  • Roman Mars is a freelance producer living in Northern California with his wife and twin boys. Roman has a B.A. in Biology from Oberlin College and did postgraduate work in plant genetics at the University of Georgia. A lot of good that did him. If you Google his name will get several hundred pictures of statues.

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  • Faux Bono

    Faux Bono

    This weekend promises a groovy pre-inaugural concert. Crossing the stage in front of the Lincoln Memorial will be performers including Beyonce, Garth Brooks, Herbie Hancock, and, yes, Bono. But not the not-Bono. Did you know Bono has a doppelganger? He can be found not at the Lincoln Memorial, but in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago.

  • Meet Your New Favorite Band

    Just a few CDs.

    As we look ahead at what 2009 might be like, we think of a new president, lots of economic uncertainty, but how about simpler things? What kind of music might we be hearing? Turns out that's not so easy to predict either, but reporter Roman Mars took a crack at it.

  • The A-11 Offense

    Piedmont High quarterback Jeremy George

    Two frustrated coaches at Piedmont High School in Northern California were brainstorming ideas to keep their small team competitive. What they devised was a crazy new offensive strategy called the A-11 that took advantage of the "scrimmage kick" formation. If you have no idea what that is, you're not alone, but the A-11 strategy worked and the Piedmont Highlanders began winning. Is it the future of football?

  • Dubious Honor for a Departing Bush

    Brian McConnell, left, and Michael Jacinto

    In San Francisco this weekend, a group of activists will be gathering signatures for a special ballot initiative to rename a sewage treatment plant after George W. Bush. They've gotten enough signatures to put the initiative on the bill and if it passes, the official re-naming ceremony will take place on Inauguration Day.

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