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Gregory Warner

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  • Health provision gives insurers a bonus

    Now that the public option is off the table for the Senate health-care bill, the insurance industry will get 30 million new customers. Gregory Warner reports on another part of the bill that's going to work out well for insurers, too.

  • On this episode of Health Care Overhaul

    It's been a wild week in the political fight over how to overhaul the U.S. health-care system. Having a little trouble keeping track of what's going on? Gregory Warner gives an update.

  • A life of work in a Pakistani tannery

    For four years, six days a week, 17-year-old Mohmen has been working in a Pakistani leather factory. What does he have to look forward to in life? More of the same. But he says he's made peace with it. Gregory Warner reports.

  • Wild Kabul Nights for Civilian Security

    Private security contractor trains Afghans

    There are an estimated 30,000 private security contractors providing security in Afghanistan. Aid workers and even U.S. Embassy personnel depend on the private guards for their safety. With tensions escalating and the Taliban on the offensive, how do these private contractors chill out? We sent reporter Gregory Warner to find out.

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