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Jeannie Yandel

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  • Women Power Lifting

    Faith Ireland

    This weekend a woman in Seattle is trying to lift 290 pounds. She's a former Washington State Supreme Court justice. And she's also a member of the best women's masters powerlifting team in the country. Masters means over 40 years old. In two weeks, Faith and the rest of her team will defend their title at the USA Powerlifting Women's Nationals in Miami.

  • Recovering from the Chehalis Flood


    Last winter, the Chehalis River in the Pacific Northwest swelled with rain and flooded communities in both Oregon and Washington state. One of the farms devastated by the flood was the Black Sheep Creamery, locally famous for its sheep's-milk cheese. Then came a swell of support from volunteers and fans of the farm, who pitched in to rebuild.

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