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Daniela Gerson

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  • Illegal Soldiers

    Jose at Hollywood High School

    Immigrants turned out in record numbers to vote for President-elect Obama, but it's unclear whether he'll tackle comprehensive immigration reform as president. As a Senator, Obama supported the DREAM Act, which offered help to children who were brought illegally over the border. Daniela Gerson reports that the act could be a win-win for both immigrant youth and military recruiters.

  • The Weekend Shift: Cleaning Houses

    Luz, Vice President of We Can Do It

    The last thing most people want to do on a weekend is housework. But a group of immigrant women in New York are proud to spend their weekends dusting and mopping. "We Can Do It" is a Brooklyn business run by cleaning ladies, many of them without working papers or education beyond elementary school.

  • Brighton Beach's Russian Accent

    Victoria's music

    Russian emigres have been a Brighton Beach fixture ever since the breakup of the Soviet Union in the late 1980s. The Brooklyn neighborhood's restaurants and nightclubs boast acts hard to find anywhere else -- like singer and composer Victoria Lisina, who found a new life on American shores.

  • Staying Home to Dodge La Migra

    Lilian Aguirre cuts hair at International Salon

    The sheriff's department in Nashville, Tenn., was among the first to take on immigration enforcement -- usually a federal responsibility -- and now deportations are way up. Reporter Daniela Gerson explores how the program's success has triggered fear among immigrants, and why some say it's making the city less safe.

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