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Eric Molinsky

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  • Honoring Cold War Veterans

    Scott L'Ecuyer

    This weekend marks the 17th anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the official end of the Cold War. Some Americans will be observing this weekend as if it were a holiday. These folks flew the Berlin Air Lift, or played cat and mouse games with Soviet subs, like in a Tom Clancy novel. Independent Producer Eric Molinsky says these retired servicemen are facing a new battle.

  • The Real Story of Hanukkah

    Sora Golob making latkes

    Sunday is the first night of Hanukkah. Traditionally, Hanukkah wasn't a major holiday for Jews. But its position on the calendar gave American Jews a chance to enjoy the holiday season. Hanukkah's assimilation can be a sensitive subject among Jews. But independent producer Eric Molinsky looked into the origins of Hanukkah and found that these tensions are nothing new.

  • Urban Cowboys

    Doug Elder and his horse.

    New York City and cowboys. They have nothing in common, right? Different landscapes, different characters, different values. Well, a group of New Yorkers have figured out a way to live the cowboy lifestyle in the most urban environment. The Federation of Black Cowboys' stable sits just feet away from the noisy Belt Parkway near JFK airport.

  • Built to Fail

    Siddhu settles for his 2007 MacBook.

    Chances are, when your beat-up iPod from 2004 (you know, the one with the click wheel) stops working, as devastating as it might be, some part of you is probably thrilled because you now have a good excuse to buy the latest and greatest iPod.

  • The Black Jews of South-Side Chicago

    Holding the Torah at Temple Beth Shalom

    They call themselves Hebrew Israelites, and claim a connection with the earliest African adherents of Judaism. Incorporating traditions from black Christian churches, the unique synagogue is attracting more and more followers -- even white Jews are coming through the doors.

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