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Rebecca Sheir

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  • January Joiners

    Ready to hit the gym?

    All right, so it's January, right? That means you're very likely to be in one of two groups: new member at the gym or old member at the gym who can't get on one of the elliptical machines at the gym because some new member is on it. Dang new members. The online slang compendium UrbanDictionary.com has a name for this phenomenon: "January Joining." It defines a "January Joiner" as someone who "joins the gym in January as part of a New Year's resolution and by February is back to being a couch potato."

  • Kosher Meets Capitalism

    Shabbat Dinner

    With the weekend comes Shabbat, or Shabbos: the Jewish day of rest. On Shabbat, Jewish law forbids certain, very specific kinds of "work." That means even very simple things day to day actions are forbidden - even turning the lights on and off. But in recent years, an industry has emerged which manages to merge modern convenience and this sacred time.

  • Racing Outhouses Down a Hill

    Sombreros, Snow, an Out-of-Control Potty

    You can push a lot of things down a snowy mountain, including an outhouse. And if goes down a mountain, you might as well push two down and have a race. Whatever the thinking behind the outhouse races at Anchorage, Alaska's Fur Rondy, it's an event to remember. Weekend America correspondent Rebecca Sheir checks it out.

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