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Adam Allington

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  • Allenton residents look at what remains

    For well over a century Allenton, Mo., was little more than a depot stop on the railroad bound for St. Louis. Several years ago, 40 residents of the community were forced to sell their homes to a developer under threat of eminent domain. Now, that developer is bankrupt and former residents are wondering why they were forced to leave. Adam Allington reports.

  • Stimulus helps in Mo., but layoffs loom

    President Obama says the stimulus bill saved 2 million jobs last year. Adam Allington reports on how the stimulus effort has impacted one Midwestern city so far.

  • A knock-off takes on The North Face

    The North Face is one of the most popular wilderness brands. But the company isn't too happy about one aspiring teenage entrepreneur's knock-off brand called The South Butt. Adam Allington reports.

  • Fewer Budweiser ads for sports events

    InBev paid $52 billion for Anheuser-Busch. But that kind of debt is weighing the company down, so funding for TV commercials during sports events is being slashed. Adam Allington reports.

  • So you want to buy a foreclosure?

    Foreclosures continue to climb, but there are a few people out there ready to jump at the chance to buy a deeply discounted home. Adam Allington researches the do's and don'ts of buying a foreclosed home.

  • America's Infrastructure: Urban Drains

    Drain in Columbia, Missouri

    This week in Missouri, a constitutional amendment goes into effect to help cities access more money for drainage projects. In an effort to get to the bottom of what the amendment aimed to do, reporter Adam Allington did a little urban spelunking into the miles of storm water drains running underneath the city of Columbia, Mo. He met up with a guide to help him find his way.

  • The Legend of Beatle Bob

    Beatle Bob

    This weekend music fans in St. Louis will have a variety of concert options to choose from. Odds are, Beatle Bob will be at one of the shows going on. If you're not from St. Louis, you probably don't know Beatle Bob. If you are from St. Louis, and you still don't know him, it probably means you're not getting out much. Beatle Bob, also known as Bob Matonis, has been to a concert every night for the last 11 years.

  • Old-School Wrestling, Alive and Well

    It's all real...

    Hulk Hogan-like personalities and WWE Wrestlemania stadium events on cable TV all but killed off the regional pro wrestling scenes that filled arenas for decades. But in St. Louis, a working-class cast of characters keeps the spectacle alive -- just on a more intimate scale.

  • Downtime in Anbar Province

    Wii Time

    Now that the violence has lessened in Iraq's Anbar Province, soldiers are getting creative with their downtime on the base: video games, golfing and lots of chewing the fat. Adam Allington brings us their stories.

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