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Weekend America Voices

Rob McGinley Myers

  • Rob McGinley Myers is an associate producer at Speaking of Faith and he was previously the writer and producer of The Writer's Almanac. He's willing to ghost-write love letters for money.

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  • Fist Fight

    Rob McGinley Myers with his brother Scott

    For more than 15 years, Rob McGinley Myers has been telling a story about the only fist fight he's ever been in. He stood up to one of the toughest, scariest guys in his high school, even though Rob was a puny freshman at the time. The thing that makes this story slightly more complicated is that the tough, scary guy he stood up to was his older brother, Scott.

  • Shaking Motherhood to the Core

    Eliot McGinley in the hospital

    This weekend, people across the country are honoring their mothers. These days, many mothers seem to be ever more anxious about all the real and imagined dangers that threaten their children. Reporter Rob McGinley Myers shares the story of a mother who looked life-threatening danger in the face, and it shook her sense of motherhood to the core.

  • A Life-Changing Letter

    Rob and Nancy

    Eleven years ago, when Rob McGinley Myers was studying abroad in Spain, he wasn't exactly a successful champion of love or romance. But all that changed one Valentine's Day with a love letter.

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