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Sarah Gustavus

  • Sarah Gustavus

    Sarah Gustavus grew up on a ranch in Texas. Both of her parents have accents, but she never picked up a Texas drawl. One of her main passions is traveling, and she decided to work in radio after visiting a community radio station in Cape Town, South Africa.

    After studying political communication at the University of Texas, she moved to Seattle and taught English, reading and citizenship for two years as a AmeriCorps and VISTA volunteer.

    She reported on Washington State politics for the Northwest News Network and is currently an announcer at KXOT in Seattle.

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  • New Restaurant + Bad Economy = Crazy Idea?

    The Cast Iron Cafe

    Restaurants have gotten a bit of break lately. Cheaper gas has meant lower food prices, cheaper ingredients. But Moody's Investment Service reported last week that restaurants still have a tough road ahead of them as businesses because it's so hard to refinance debt right now. Still, some ambitious restaurateurs are moving ahead with their dreams. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Cast Iron Cafe has just opened for business.

  • At Home in the Parking Lot

    Joe and Angela

    For close to a hundred people in Kirkland, Wash., home is a church parking lot. They're part of a tent city there--one of several that have been roaming the Seattle area for a few years now. They're now part of the area's shelter system.

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