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Nancy Mullane

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  • MPR's Fantasy Olympic Games

    To track the progress of Minnesota's athletes competing at the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, we've created a friendly competition between the Morning Edition and All Things Considered programs, which we call MPR's Fantasy Olympic Games.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    Sheriff Deputy Richard Johnson

    In Northern California's West Marin County, you can find all of this weekend's events listed in the local newspaper, the Point Reyes Light. But what most people turn to first in that paper is a weekly column called Sheriff's Calls. It highlights some of the more nefarious happenings in West Marin. Recently, Reporter Nancy Mullane got a behind the scenes look at how the column gets made each week.

  • Coming Back, Fitting In


    Unlike the Civil War veteran, who had to trudge across muddy fields and back roads for weeks or even months before getting home, today's soldiers are put on a jet in Baghdad one day and are back home at Wal-Mart the next. Some military experts say the transition from combat to civilian life is too fast. And veterans say when they do get back they're strangers in their own country.

  • Victims Visiting Prison

    Jamee Karroll and Jacques Verduin with the Inmates

    Everyone knows it's not easy to forgive someone and move on, especially if the offense was criminal. A program in Northern California helps people who have been the victim of a crime find forgiveness through dialogue. And who they talk to is kind of surprising.

  • A Bake Sale Behind Bars

    Inmate Bernard Moss holds the line at the gate.

    No one goes to prison for the food. But there's an exception to the drab cafeteria stuff usually served up. They're called Saturday food sales. On these days, inmates raise money for programs by selling restaurant food to fellow prisoners--like a bake sale behind bars.

  • An Indian Sacrament Behind Prison Walls

    Spiritual leader Robin Guillen exits sweat lodge

    At San Quentin State Prison in California, there's a place of worship for everyone -- a Protestant chapel, a Jewish synagogue, a Catholic church, a mosque and what's called the San Quentin Indian Reservation, where many of the American Indian inmates go every Saturday for a traditional sweat ceremony.

  • Saving Duck Eggs, Saving the Land

    Wild duck nest

    A family farm in California's Sacramento River Valley is the nation's largest source of organic rice. It's also a showcase of sustainable agriculture. The Lundbergs say it's just common sense -- you save some wild ducks eggs, and you end up saving the land.

  • New Life for Leftover Paint

    Ready for recycling

    If you live in the San Francisco Bay area, you can donate your old cans of latex paint to a good cause: It's shipped overseas and given away to poorer communities to brighten up their world. Nancy Mullane reports.

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