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Millie Jefferson

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  • Making Change in 2008

    "Rally for Change"

    "Change" is the buzzword for presidential candidates this year, almost to absurdity. In the past there was "normalcy." The words "liberal" and "conservative" were considered buzzwords at one time too. University of Kentucky history professor Tracy Campbell unpacks the American electorate's love affair with campaign buzzwords.

  • First Time Politicos

    Ready for Take-off

    The 2008 presidential elections are drawing more Americans into politics for the first time. We hear from listeners who are registering to vote or joining campaigns for the first time, and ask them why they had to get involved.

  • Inside the Minds of Single-Issue Voters

    Supporters of presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee

    Weekend America host Desiree Cooper speaks with Martin White, a single-issue voter in Iowa; and Ed Sarpolus of Michigan State about how single-issues can backfire on candidates.

  • Diver Down, Revisted

    This weekend, Las Vegas is alive with the sound of Van Halen, They have two shows at the MGM. But not everyone is happy about this reunion tour. Back in September, when the tour started, "Weekend America" reporter and Van Halen fan John Moe showed how things have changed since the 70s.

  • At Home in the Parking Lot

    Joe and Angela

    For close to a hundred people in Kirkland, Wash., home is a church parking lot. They're part of a tent city there--one of several that have been roaming the Seattle area for a few years now. They're now part of the area's shelter system.

  • On the Block with No Neighbors

    The US Conference of Mayors met in Detroit this week to talk about the mortgage crisis, which has affected one out of every 196 households nationally. "Detroit Free Press" recently published a list of foreclosed homes in Wayne County, Mich., which includes Detroit and other suburbs and inburbs. It was 122 pages long, in tiny stock-listing type. Weekend America host Desiree Cooper speaks with Lisa Tate of Highland Park, Mich. Tate has very few remaining neighbors. Their homes have all been foreclosed.

  • Weekend Carbon Emissions

    This weekend millions of families are going about their normal weekend activities: Little League games, shopping and running errands, meeting up with friends. "Weekend America" wanted to know where being green and the weekend intersect. How do normal activities affect one's carbon footprint--or the resources each individual is taking up? Host Desiree Cooper sits down with Lisa Wise, executive director of the Center for a New American Dream, and a couple of listeners to talk weekend carbon emissions.

  • Saturday to Saturday

    Southern Californians forced to evacuate because of wildfires are returning to their homes this weekend, or what's left of their homes. We asked evacuees John Vogel and Rick LeMonde what it was like to go through this: picking out the most precious belongings, leaving home with the thought that it might be the last time, and what it's like to return.

  • Devil Winds?

    Often referred to as the Santana winds, or "devil winds," the Santa Ana winds are legendary for causing problems, even for the pioneers. Along with fueling the recent fires, they have been blamed for increased crime rates, marital disputes and bad grades. We'll explore the cultural representations and meteorological origins of the Santa Ana winds with writers Janet Fitch, John Ridley and UCLA professor Robert Fovell.

  • A Question About Iraq

    We asked listeners last week to share their stories related to the Iraq War with us. Hear what people are talking about and how they are connected to the war in Iraq.

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