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Jeremy Richards

  • Jeremy Richards

    Jeremy Richards is a writer, actor, and radio producer living in Seattle. His work has appeared in "The Poetry Foundation," "The Spoken Word Revolution Redux," "McSweeney's," "Eyeshot," "The Morning News," and on National Public Radio's "Morning Edition," "Day to Day," and "All Things Considered." Richards is currently working on a guide to improvising Shakespeare.

Recent Stories


  • Monty's Lifesuit: Science Fiction to Fact

    Monty's robot

    This weekend, San Francisco hosts the 2008 RoboGames. Last year's event attracted more than three thousand spectators who came to see robots and their human inventors compete in races, weightlifting, and all out robo-smackdowns. Monty Reed, a RoboGames returning champion from Seattle has a bigger mission in mind.

  • The Sing-Song Rhythm of Poet Speak

    Nikki Giovanni

    Its National Poetry Month, which means lots of people reading poetry. Question: Why do most poets read their work in the same slow, ponderous manner? Weekend America contributor and poet Jeremy Richards investigates.

  • The Eagles Carolers

    album cover

    Cindy Simmons of Seattle, Wash., is a lecturer of First Amendment law. She feels it's her duty to reinforce the secular voice in public spaces and to balance out the chorus of baby Jesus songs and snowman medleys. So for the past six years, Cindy and a small following--seven secular carolers and a puppy--have taken to caroling songs by the Eagles.

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