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Charlie Schroeder

  • Charlie Schroeder

    Charlie Schroeder shares the same birthday as Harvey Korman, Matt Groening and the adult film star Arnold Schwartzenpecker. If that doesn't tell you all you need to know about him, well, then check his Web site, http://www.charlieschroeder.net/.

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  • Rudy's Barbershop

    Rudy's Barbershop in L.A.

    As part of our Weekend Shift series about people who work weekends, we take a look at a maverick barber in Los Angeles named Michael Anthony who is so popular that people come to the shop on weekends just to hear him talk. And maybe get a hair cut while they're there. Weekend America's Charlie Schroeder recently got his hair cut by Anthony at Rudy's Barbershop in Los Angeles.

  • Coming to America

    Regina and Kenneth Mok

    According to the Chinese calendar, we just entered the new Year of the Ox a few days ago. It's traditionally a time to spend with family - which makes it bittersweet for Wendy Mok. While she lives in the Los Angeles, her parents live in Hong Kong. But recently, she and her husband got them to come visit. It was their first trip ever to America.

  • Legions Versus Ultras

    Union Utra Richard Escutia

    This weekend at the Home Depot Center near Los Angeles, there will be some very passionate soccer fans on hand to watch team Chivas USA take on Real Salt Lake in the Major League Soccer playoffs. Most Chivas fans are Mexican-American, but the team has struggled to find its identity in the United States. It even has two rival fan clubs. Weekend America's Charlie Schroeder explains.

  • Baseball Magnet

    Zack Hample poses with his famous baseball.

    This weekend the Tampa Bay Rays face the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 3 of the World Series. More than 43,000 fans will be on hand to catch the game. And some will catch more than that: a foul ball, or maybe a home run. Weekend America's Charlie Schroeder recently talked with one man who knows a thing or two about the art of getting baseballs at games. He's the Babe Ruth of the bleachers.

  • My Campaign

    Charlie Schroeder senior year

    At the beginning of the presidential campaign season, both McCain and Obama vowed that neither man was going to run a negative campaign. But as Election Day approaches, both campaigns have taken a more combative turn. At last week's debate, the candidates explained that the negative ads were the result of a "tough" campaign. Weekend America's Charlie Schroeder understands a tough campaign. It takes him right back to high school.

  • Getting Back to the Mainland

    Culebra Beach

    Labor Day provides another three-day weekend. Some people take advantage of that extra day in unique ways. Rob Schroeder loves to travel, and over one recent three-day weekend, he satisfied his bug with a trip to Culebra, a tiny island just off the coast of Puerto Rico. Schroeder hiked, snorkeled and just plain old relaxed. Everything went according to plan. That is, until he got to the airport.

  • Summer Cottages

    Poet Cornelius Eady

    This weekend, lots of folks are saying goodbye to their summer homes, at least until next year. Boats are coming out of the water, beach blankets are heading for the closet. Poet Cornelius Eady and his wife, graphic designer and writer Sarah Micklem, won't be doing either one of those things.

  • World's Greatest Athlete

    Charlie takes a break in the middle of the 1500m.

    As the 29th Olympiad finishes up, we've witnessed athleticism at its finest. We've even been witness to history, as the American swimmer Michael Phelps became the greatest Olympian ever, winning eight gold medals in a single game. For most us, the closest we'll ever get to the Olympics is from the comfort of our own couches, feet propped up and a snack or two by our sides. But not Weekend America's Charlie Schroeder. He likes the Olympics so much he wanted to do more than just watch.

  • We're All Winners

    Olga Korbut

    Olympic athletes and their history-making moments inspire and provide us with lasting memories. Weekend America's Charlie Schroeder spoke with some former Olympians and had them reflect on the iconic moments that have made them historic figures.

  • To Dare Mighty Things

    Candyce and David

    When the Tour de France wraps up in Paris, the riders will have covered a total of 3,500 kilometers or 2100 miles. That's roughly two-thirds the distance across the United States. Now, that might seem like an awfully long time to be on a bicycle but, not to Candyce Deddens. She's no stranger to long bike rides.

  • Three-Day Weekend: The Code Hunters

    Big Group Mystery

    Another three-day weekend is upon us. Time to revisit our three day weekend series of stories about what we all do with one more day in our weekends. For the past decade, Francis Heaney and Dan Katz have spent the MLK weekend at MIT every year. They go to compete in the MIT Mystery Hunt, which recently celebrated its 29th anniversary. Weekend America's Charlie Schroeder recently talked with them about why they return to play the hunt year after year.

  • Putting the Love Back into Hockey

    The Couple That Plays Together

    Benjamin Salisbury grew up in Minnesota, where kids learn how to play ice hockey while still in diapers. But his mom forbade him to play, thinking it was too violent a game. Now that he's grown up and 2,000 miles away in Los Angeles, he's finally learning how to play -- and his wife Kelly has joined him in the rink.

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