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Charlie Schroeder

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  • An Annual Indy 500 Pilgrimage

    Indianapolis family affair

    The Koch Family has an unshakable Memorial Day Weekend tradition: spending the month of May in Indianapolis for the Indy 500. This weekend, they will spend their 49th month together since 1960. Theirs is an enduring story of family bonds and cherished memories, anchored by one of the biggest events in motor sports.

  • From Golf Hustler to PGA Pro

    Pro golfer Alton Duhon

    Al Duhon started out as a golf hustler in South Los Angeles and was making money playing golf before the first black player broke the PGA race barrier. At 83, he still teaches kids about the game that has him hooked.

  • Randomly Picking My Madness Bracket

    Davidson vs. Kansas, Detroit, Mich.

    We're down to the NCAA Final Four, and avid college basketball fans are closely watching their office betting pools. Charlie Schroeder explores the best method for picking the perfect brackets. First lesson -- don't rely on the experts...

  • Driving Like My Doppelganger

    Charlie Schroeder

    At the 50th running of the Daytona 500 this year, odds-makers are betting that NASCAR golden boy Jeff Gordon will be the first one to cross the finish line. Another handful may see him walking down the streets of Los Angeles. They'll be wrong, of course, mixing him up with our very own Charlie Schroeder.

  • The Dot-Com Super Bowl

    Super-Sized Super Bowl Commercial

    In the 2000 Super Bowl, St. Louis defeated Tennessee by six points and 17 fledgling Internet companies forked over an average $2.2 million for 30 second ads. Companies like Epidemic.com, LifeMinders.com and Pets.com, most of them now defunct. Mike Ford and Mike Zapolin were one duo behind the crazy spree. Remember Computer.com?

  • The Greatest Upset in All the Universe

    On the Bus

    As the college bowl nears, Charlie Schroeder and two drum majors help us relive The Greatest Upset in All the Universe, or at least in college football.

  • Another Great Moment in Small Talk

    Charlie and groom

    Around this time last year, Charlie Schroeder couldn't stop imitating the faux Kazakhstani journalist, Borat. His addiction peaked over Thanksgiving while at a friend's wedding in Mexico. He only knew a few people there, but he figured he'd charm the others with his humor and spot-on impersonation. Schroeder tells the story with help from the groom, Jay Reiss.

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