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Weekend America Voices

John Moe

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  • Cyber War and Peace?

    A proposal is circulating for a peace treaty for cyberspace, but could a cyber war really happen, and what would it look like?

  • Remember the 40 hour work week?

    In honor of Labor Day, we take a look at how technologies affect our work ethic, and the significance in giving each other our undivided attention.

  • Aging Out of Employment

    The unemployment rate in Silicon Valley is grim, and even worse for older engineers.

  • Apple's in the Garden

    With the announcement of Apple's new social networking tool Ping, we look into the "walled gardens" the company is creating, and how they may be harmful for web users.

  • "Pain ray" to be tested on inmates

    The L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. is planning on testing a new non-lethal "pain ray" device -- originally developed for military use in Afghanistan -- for the L.A. County Jail.

  • Malware on Spanair computer system

    In the investigation of the Spanair plane crash in Madrid two years ago, it's been discovered that malware on the plane's computer system might have been an issue.

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