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John Moe

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  • Google picks up data, threats, investigations, criticisms

    The Federal Communications Commission confirmed Wednesday it's investigating Google in response to the company collecting information from unsecured Wi-Fi networks while taking pictures for the Google Street View service. Google says it was an accident but the issue is far from settled.

  • Rosanne Cash sings a Cleartune

    Our latest celebrity app review comes courtesy of singer-songwriter Rosanne Cash. She has an iPhone and has come to rely on a guitar tuning app called Cleartune. She says it's better than any analog tuner she's ever had.

  • Mind Blowing Monday: Digital sweatshops are hiring

    As the economy struggles to rebound and unemployment continues to hover above 9 percent, it may be heartening to hear that there are plenty of jobs available online that you can do from home. But it may not be that simple.

  • 4G networks don't exist. Or do they?

    This week, T-Mobile started advertising that it has the nation's largest 4G network. Meanwhile, Sprint, for a while now, has said it has the first wireless 4G network. Verizon's been talking up their 4G too. And it all sounds very attractive if you've been using a 3G network all this time. But what's the difference between a 3G and a 4G network?

  • Is geolocation the next text messaging or the next Segway?

    By all accounts, The Next Big Thing In Tech is supposed to be geolocation. Lots of businesses now offer special deals when you check in and yesterday Facebook announced a whole slew of deals for users on their Facebook Places location services. But a new study says that only 4 percent of online Americans are doing this stuff. So far.

  • Robonaut blasting off to space!

    You're going to be hearing a lot of election results coverage everywhere you go today. And while that stuff if probably important, we choose to focus on the story of a humanoid robot being blasted into space.

  • Firesheep may scare you off the Internet

    Next time you're in a coffee shop using their Wi-Fi, you might want to avoid going on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or lots of other sites. That's because of a new Firefox add-on called Firesheep.

  • Life inside a Foxconn facility

    Your smartphone, laptop, and other high-tech consumer electronics items were probably made in China by a company called Foxconn. It has almost a million employees spread over multiple facilities. But a recent undercover survey paints a picture of a pretty bleak life for Foxconn workers. We talk about the lives of the people who build the gizmos we've come to rely on.

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