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John Moe

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  • Google Takes Photos. Also Data.

    While Google has driving around taking images for Google maps, it's also been collecting data from nearby Wi-Fi networks. The company says it's accidental, but many are still threatening legal action.

  • Suicides in China

    The company that produces electronics for companies like HP, Apple and Nokia is reporting a high number of suicides and suicide attempts at its plant in China.

  • The Coming Gamepocalypse

    Jesse Schell, faculty member at Carnegie Mellon, imagines a "gamepocalypse" world, where your whole day could consist of a series of video games.

  • Can someone hack your car's computer?

    With technology in cars become more and more advanced, how likely is it that automobile computers can be hacked into just like normal computers?

  • Mobile Transactions and Africa

    Several developing nations in Africa are leading the way in mobile transactions.

  • Robots and Whether They'll Kill You

    German scientists have experimented with robots and their ability to recognize human flesh, in hopes of gaining more confidence that humans can truly control robots they've created.

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