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Weekend America Voices

John Moe

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  • What Is Cyber Command?

    A new government group will be dedicated to fighting and preventing attacks to military computers -- like war over computer networks.

  • The new iPhone

    Apple's new product has a feature called Face Time, which allows users to conduct real-time video conversations.

  • Making sense of the oil spill

    The internet has given us more expansive ways of looking at the oil spill -- we're getting more information than ever, but it might be too much.

  • Where are books going?

    Apple is pushing its iPad as an e-book reader, while Amazon looks to possibly release a new version of the Kindle by the end of summer.

  • More suicides at Foxconn

    The electronics company tries to take measures to prevent more worker suicides. The companies working with Foxconn -- including Apple, HP and Dell -- have pledged to investigate further into the matter.

  • Changes at Facebook, Apple passes Microsoft

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces changes with the site's privacy controls, while Apple has become the largest technology company in the world.

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