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Weekend America Voices

Kyle Gassiott

  • Kyle Gassiott is a radio producer and journalist living in Iowa City, Iowa. He is a reporter and statewide host for Iowa Public Radio, and was formerly the co-host of "Weekend America: Iowa Edition." Back in high school in Midland, Texas, Kyle knew that he was destined for a career in media when his '88 Oldsmobile Omega made it into the Baby Jessica movie.

    Since coming to Iowa, Kyle has covered stories on the Mumps epidemic of 2006, a butter cow sculptor at the State Fair, WWII Muslim Veterans, and a spray-paint Michelangelo. When not doing radio he spends his time playing the double bass and trying not to fall into a well.

Recent Stories


  • Muslim Cowboy

    Kareem Salama as a kid

    When he was growing up in northeast Oklahoma, Kareem Salama knew that he wanted to be a cowboy. Now he's an aspiring country music star. He's also a practicing Muslim. He sees no contradictions in that, saying his upbringing in Oklahoma made it all possible. Reporter Kyle Gassiott brings us his story.

  • Kosher Meat Plant's Immigration Woes

    Agriprocessors plant in Postville, Iowa

    Last month, the largest kosher meat processing plant in America was raided by immigration agents. More than 300 workers, one-third of the workforce at Agriprocessors in Iowa, were arrested in the sweep. The bust shines a light not only on the kosher meat market, but also on working conditions for vulnerable immigrants.

  • Caucus in the House

    County Delegates

    Jim and Gracia Willis Iowa home is one of the few that still plays host to political caucuses. The Willises had a few dozen folks for the Democratic caucus at their house this year and we check in to see how it all went.

  • An Iowa House Party

    Caucus Hosts

    This week in Iowa, presidential candidates finished the last round of debates before the caucuses happen on January 3rd. Once the candidates stop talking, it's time for Iowans to debate over who should get their endorsements. Sometimes that debate takes place in people's homes.

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