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  • Women's New Roles in War

    Marine In Training

    The conflict in Iraq is different from any other for many women in the military. Women are dying in greater numbers, but also facing more difficulties in military life, including sexual harassment. Weekend America host Desiree Cooper gets an update.

  • Making Change in 2008

    "Rally for Change"

    "Change" is the buzzword for presidential candidates this year, almost to absurdity. In the past there was "normalcy." The words "liberal" and "conservative" were considered buzzwords at one time too. University of Kentucky history professor Tracy Campbell unpacks the American electorate's love affair with campaign buzzwords.

  • Inside the Minds of Single-Issue Voters

    Supporters of presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee

    Weekend America host Desiree Cooper speaks with Martin White, a single-issue voter in Iowa; and Ed Sarpolus of Michigan State about how single-issues can backfire on candidates.

  • Jim Dougherty's New Year's Eve

    Jim Dougherty at WSUI Studios

    Last New Year's Eve, Jim Dougherty ended his midnight jazz show "Big Bands Then and Now" after 37 years on the air. Over the years, he had interviewed the greats on WSUI in Iowa City: Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, and many others. We thought we'd heard the last of him, but Kyle Gassiott has kept in touch with him this whole year.

  • Wanted: Parents

    Chris and Amanda

    Sixteen-year-old Amanda and her brother, 18-year-old Chris, have been foster children for most of their lives. They were recently featured in the American Radio Works documentary "Wanted: Parents." It follows them over the course of two years, as they search for an adoptive family. "Weekend America" host Desiree Cooper checks in with Amanda and Chris for an update.

  • A Sweet Potato Tradition

    A Family Share

    First there's apple pie. Pecan has a respectable following, as does strawberry rhubarb. Even key lime is kind of popular. But there is a real divide between pumpkin pie lovers, and the devotees of the sweet potato.

  • Joe Sacco's "Palestine"

    The special edition of Joe Sacco's book

    Joe Sacco travels around the world collecting stories and conducting interviews like other reporters, but instead of writing articles, he draws comics. Sacco's most successful book is called "Palestine." This week, a special edition of the book goes into wide release.

  • Facing the Primaries without the Daily Show

    Travis Daub

    The primaries are finally approaching, and TV is nowhere to be found. How might the writers' strike affect the election?

  • Comedy and Race

    Teja Arboleda

    A new documentary, "Crossing the Line, Multi-Cultural Comedians," reveals the difficulties that multi-racial comedians, and also the freedom they enjoy. Desiree Cooper talks to two of them.

  • On the Block with No Neighbors

    The US Conference of Mayors met in Detroit this week to talk about the mortgage crisis, which has affected one out of every 196 households nationally. "Detroit Free Press" recently published a list of foreclosed homes in Wayne County, Mich., which includes Detroit and other suburbs and inburbs. It was 122 pages long, in tiny stock-listing type. Weekend America host Desiree Cooper speaks with Lisa Tate of Highland Park, Mich. Tate has very few remaining neighbors. Their homes have all been foreclosed.

  • The Gatekeeper to the Dogs

    Talk-show host Ellen Degeneres adopted a dog, which she ended up giving to family that she trusted. Turns out she had violated the rules of her adoption contract. A lot of people were pretty surprised to hear about such stringent rules for adopting a pet. Weekend America host Desiree Cooper speaks with Sally Adams, who visits would-be dog adopters to decide if they would make a good homes for a pet.

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