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Weekend America Voices

Suzie Lechtenberg

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  • Iran, Foreclosures, and Chimps

    A stunning reversal this week from the American intelligence community. Now they say Iran stopped pursuing nuclear weapons four years ago. Is this Good News, Bad News, or No News?

  • Life-Changing House

    Sweet Home

    Seven years ago, Karen Tips of Winston-Salem, N.C., bought a house for herself and her daughter Katie Rose. Prior to that, they'd been living in a worn-down shack, a life made all the more difficult by the fact that Katie Rose has cerebral palsy. It turned out that the new house changed their life completely. We'll hear their story.

  • Tales from the Backyard Pool

    As summer comes to a close, so will most public pools. For most, endless days spent swimming will end, but for the lucky ones with a pool in their backyard, the fun never stops. Dale Braiman of Haines City, Fla., tells us about the first time he took advantage of a privilege that only pool owners can enjoy. And Jane Bratton of Highland Heights, Ky., talks to us about what a backyard pool from her childhood still means to her.

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