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Michael May

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  • A Return Home from a Gray War


    Army Specialist Andrea Gillingham didn't see any combat in Iraq. In fact, she never left her base. She talks with Weekend America's Michael May about the dullness of military life as they hang out in a karaoke bar in Killeen, Texas.

  • All Tomorrow's Parties, in Houston


    The downturn in the economy has hit the Houston, Texas, gala party scene hard.

  • 'Coon Hunting Back Home

    Matt Blakemore is a 28 year-old staff sergeant

    When U.S. Army Sergeant Matt Blakemore isn't in Iraq or Afghanistan, he likes to relax by hunting raccoons, aka 'coons. While on leave, Sergeant Blakemore goes hunting five times a week, often with fellow soldiers. Independent producer Michael May joined them in Killeen, Texas, before they headed back to Iraq.

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